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Version 2.6 (WinX)

Version UBIK® Windows Demo
2.6.0 2017.02.13
2.6.1 2017.08.11



New features

  • The MRO status updating mechanism has been improved.
  • MRO objects carrying project information are now displayed in a Gantt chart style.
  • A more efficient editor for progress reporting tasks is now available.
  • Users now have the possibility to see value records for properties.
  • The client now uses a simplified user rights management for content access.
  • It is now possible to edit and save high priority properties directly in the child page.
  • UBIK® objects can now be classified to use individual templates for the child list area and the child list items to provide a user definable UI representation: see SYSCLS CHILDAREATEMPLATE and SYSCLS CHILDITEMTEMPLATE
  • The status bar now shows a blinking symbol whenever content is being saved locally.
  • Document file editing is now supported.
  • It is now possible to use a compass calibration button in the POI page to calibrate the device compass to a configurable orientation.
  • UBIK now skips the downloading of certain document files (which can be configured on the server).
  • A new feature for finding objects by scanning a NFC tag is now provided (online and offline).
  • It is now possible to unlock objects by scanning a NFC tag.
  • A new templatebale command enables to show large text property values in a read-only dialog optimized for readability.
  • Object creation can now be simplified by using a property wizard.
  • UBIK now provides a more convenient way for users to take a series of (grouped) photos.
  • The initial loading time and the memory consumption of the app are greatly reduced through lazy loading.


  • Improved MRO status calculation performance for large amount of data during initial app loading.
  • Improved the performance of synchronizing and storing data.
  • The satellite map now uses tiles from MapBox. (The old MapQuest has been discontinued and MapBox has better resolution.)
  • Added a number of new commands to be used in customized templates: Create new child items out of a child item, Edit properties on a child item, etc.
  • Enhancements in the UI standard layout


  • The project related start/end dates are always shown as long as the row allows.
  • Large branches (e.g. 100k objects) can now be downloaded using a new type of service configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where branch download is interrupted by Windows power saving options.
  • Fixed an issue where the changed objects count is not always updated in manual sync mode.
  • A bug where the save button was not shown when editing a property twice was fixed.
  • Several UI bugs concerning the evaluate button, the discard button and linked properties where fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the progress indicator disappears too soon before the commit is actually finished.
  • Fixed an issue where the child objects disappear (only in the UI) once a commit is finished.
  • Fixed an issue that caused content pages not to be updated after navigation
  • Fixed issues that caused the progess indicator suddenly not to stop anymore


New features

  • UBIK can now cope with situation where meta definitions are missing.
  • The WinX client now supports initial and default values for properties.
  • Now there is a chart task classification.
  • New commands provide the possibility to set reference links between UBIK objects.
  • UBIK now allows a group of users to login as a team on the same device.
  • The local database folder can now be created with the project name to be defined in the profile. This enables to use one database for different profiles.
  • Objects carrying child information now display child object count as well as child document count.
  • A customizable property-based content sorting & filtering mechanism is now available.
  • Document files are now downloaded automatically if they belong to the infrastructure.
  • Redlining can now be triggered directly from a document list item.
  • The ContentViewModel now has a bindable dictionary to access all properties - not only the values - of a content object via the property id (e.g. "{Binding PropertyItems["MY_PROP"].DisplayValue}").


  • Fixed an issue where the confirmation dialog for branch download sometimes gets stuck for a while.
  • Fixed an issue where layered geography objects are not filtered properly if they are not group related.
  • The map geographies are drawn with improved precisions.
  • Fixed an issue where the app sometimes gets stuck when logging in.
  • Fixed an issue where changed objects are not automatically committed after login in auto sync mode.
  • Improved the accuracy of overlay placements on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where created objects appear missing after being committed.
  • Fixed a page navigation issue after canceling discarding new objects.
  • Fixed a technical issue where the auth token is renewed unnecessarily when updating live values.