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MRO Progress Task Editor


For greater efficiency and user experience, direct editing is available for all tasks. Among them, progress tasks offer an additional editor which can further ease up the entering of data.

IC Attention.pngThis editor is not used by default in the app, certain custom templates are needed for this. An example template can be downloaded IC FileLink Download.png here.


Progress Task with a collapsed editor (WinX)
Progress Task with an expanded editor (WinX)

By default, the editor is collapsed and shows the current progress or a not applicable sign to indicate that no progress can be applied. The progress is displayed in the numbered ball and also reflected in the transparency of the latter.

The editor can be expanded by a right click (with a mouse) or a long tap (with a touch device). Once expanded, it shows the following:

  • UI WinX MRO ProgressTask Editor Custom Value Button.png A button which opens the regular number editor, allowing the user to enter a custom progress value;
  • UI WinX MRO ProgressTask Editor Number Ball.png A series of numbered balls which provide predefined progress values for the user to choose from;
  • UI WinX MRO ProgressTask Editor Not Applicable Sign.png A not applicable sign.
IC Hint square.pngThe predefined progress values come from the selective list items of the task's progress property.

Once a new progress is confirmed by e.g. selecting a ball or checking the not applicable sign, the editor will be collapsed again to show the new progress.

IC Hint square.pngWhen the editor is expanded, other interactions with the same task such as navigating to its children will not work. Instead, the editor will first be collapsed. This behavior aims to avoid unwanted navigations caused by misclicks and can be customized if necessary. On the other hand, an expanded editor will not stop the user from interacting with other tasks.

Quick actions

Two quick actions are available when the editor is collapsed.

  • Single tapping/Left clicking on the numbered ball: This will immediately set the progress to 100 and therefore finish the task. (Nothing will happen if it's already finished;
  • Single tapping/Left clicking on the not applicable sign: This will erase the not applicable state and re-enable the entering of progress values.