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Object Container (Client)

Certain objects are considered as containers and are handled by the UBIK® client differently in certain scenarios.

During creation

Once a container object is created and saved, a child object is immediately created automatically. The type of the child object to create depends on the server side configuration.

IC Hint square.pngAfter the first child object is created, one can always create more child objects manually just like for regular objects.

Configurable child instances

It's possible to configure more than one child object type to create when a container is created .

Document container

If a container is also a thumbnailed document at the same time, it will display a thumbnail image of its child documents.

IC Hint square.pngJust like for regular documents, thumbnails for document containers are only generated on the server, therefore, one will only see them if the objects are committed to the server.

Photo container

When the child type of a document container is configured to be photo documents, the container is considered as a photo container.

  • The Media (take photo) button will be shown if it's possible to create a photo container;
  • When a photo container is created and saved, the camera app will be immediately opened to allow the user to take a photo and created it as a child.

Technical details

  • For newer versions, see Configurable child instances;
  • There should be only one child type configured for a container. If there are more, the first one will be chosen for child creation;
  • In case of multiple child types, the priority to choose is photo first, non-photo document second and then regular content;
  • Additionally, only photo child type are chosen for photo containers and only document types are chosen for document containers.