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Version 4.7 (Xamarin)

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IC Attention.pngUBIK 4 clients can only connect to UBIK® Servers of version 3.6 and higher!
IC Attention.pngThe minimum supported OS versions are:
  • Android 9;
  • iOS 11.


Android: StoreiOS: Store: Publicly available in Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

Android: Store Beta: Publicly available in Google Play Store as beta versions. You can opt in or out of the beta at any time in the store.

iOS: Store Beta: Available through Apple App Store's invitation link.

UWP: App CenterAndroid: App CenteriOS: App Center: Available to those who have access to the Augmensys App Center.

IC Attention.pngSome customized XAMLs might need an update to work properly. These changes are marked with a ⚠️

Release Notes


4.7.24 on 2024-05-27 Android: StoreiOS: Store

  • Fixed an issue where setting MRO Tasks to N/A led to a crash of the app.


4.7.22 on 2024-05-07 Android: Store Beta iOS Store Beta UWP: App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the selective list of a link property appears empty/unavailable.
  • Fixed an issue where it's not possible to create annotations when logged in using SSO.

4.7.21 on 2024-05-06 Android: Store Beta iOS Store Beta UWP: App Center

  • Fixed an error during loading PDF documents with empty annotations.

4.7.20 on 2024-05-03 Android: Store Beta iOS Store Beta UWP: App Center

  • Fixed an issue where reverting a property value led to saving all other properties with unsaved changes on the related ContentViewModel.
  • Added the AutoSaveDocumentsOnPageClose property to enable auto saving of documents when navigating away.
  • Fixed an issue where the textbox of string properties appeared too small.
  • (Android) Fixed an issue where the "Text Length Hint" was not centered.
  • (Android) Fixed a permission related issue during the app's first launch.
  • Fixed an issue where setting value ranges on DateTime query criteria do not always work.
  • (iOS) Fixed an issue where the content of the side menu can be covered by the devices' notch.
  • Fixed an Issue that causes annotations not being loaded on large PDFs.
  • (iOS) Fixed an issue where the building level buttons are not always visible on some iOS devices (e.g. iPhone 8).
  • Fixed an issue where items sometimes changed their sorting order when changing them fast in a row.


4.7.10 on 2024-04-09 App Center

  • Fixed some wrong Polish translations.
  • When the SSO option is turned on and a UBIK user session expires, the client now tries to use the same SSO token if it has not expired yet.
  • Optimized the startup process so that the app doesn't show the "...app not responding..." (ANR) warning on some Android 13 devices.

4.7.9 on 2024-03-20 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the user can not interact with the document view (Image, PDF, 3D, Video, etc.).
  • The UBIKDocumentContentArea template is now customizable.

4.7.8 on 2024-03-18 App Center

4.7.6 on 2024-03-15 App Center

  • Excluded Queries from changed objects.
  • Fixed an issue where the objects were not sorted after creating or changing them.
  • The download behavior of an object classified by OFFLINE_SYNC_LEVEL_CLASSIFICATION can now be configured to download a certain amount of children levels instead of infinite levels.

4.7.3 on 2024-03-13 App Center

  • An error when refreshing the OIDC token in a special case was fixed.

4.7.2 on 2024-03-12 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the PDF document view can sometimes be covered by other views. (Only happened in certain complex customizing with e.g. CarouselView.)

4.7.1 on 2024-03-12 App Center

  • UBIK now supports properties with minimum and maximum values.
  • Fixed an issue where the XAML deployment didn't get redeployed after deletion.
  • Fixed an issue where the 3D document specific content ("Place in ARCore") can sometimes be displayed by mistake.

4.7.0 on 2024-03-01 App Center

Known issues

  • Sometimes, objects shift their positions in the lists after being edited. We found out that this is related to the 3rd party list control we use and are considering replacing it. However, this will take some more time in order to make all features we build around the control still function.
  • Currently, the Samsung keyboard doesn't show , at all, regardless of the current language/locale setting of the device. Please use a different virtual keyboard (e.g. Gboard from Google) instead if . is unacceptable.
  • The periodic execution of background pushes is not guaranteed on iOS.
  • Android: When changing multiple objects at the same time (e.g. via Mass Edit), the sorting order might be messed up and some of the items might appear duplicated.

⚠️ XAML Notes

⚠️ UBIKThemes will become corrupted / fail to load if the resource <vm:ViewModelLocator ... /> is left in it from a customizing predating 4.7. The customizing will revert to default grey/orange, and custom styles won't be recognized. This is due to a refactoring of the ViewModelLocator. Simply remove the resource to fix the issue.