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Version 3.6 (Server)

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Version Release Date
3.6.0 2022.01.19


Initial Release

New features

  • UBIK® View Items provide the possibility to configure the data that should be (pre)loaded by a View when initiating a View Cache. Using this mechanism gives the customizer a very powerful instrument to tailor the preloading behavior for project-specific needs.
  • UBIK® View Cache Launcher has a possibility to configure a timespan in which the launcher stays inactive (See View Cache Launcher).
  • UBIK® Contexts can derive from each other now. Using this technique can reduce the amount of necessary work when configuring ACM and much more important, will increase maintainability.
  • UBIK® Views can derive from each other now. Using this technique can reduce the amount of necessary work when configuring Views and much more important, will increase maintainability.
  • UBIK® provides the possibility to distribute customizing related binaries via the database now. They do not need to be stored on a server file share anymore.
  • UBIK® supports Shape files for representing geospatial vector data on the map now (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Shapefiles)
  • UBIK® supports the configuration of objects being automatically synced (make offline available) on clients
  • Improved Group Rights Evaluation
    • WebServer Setting UBIK.Service.GroupRightsUpdateIntervall provides the possibility to configure the reload interval fully independent from the Validity Periode now
    • A possibility to trigger a reload of the UserGroups, Logins, and their rights via Custom Code is provided now.
    • The reload of UserGroups, Logins, and their rights is managed in the background now, which improves the WebServer performance
  • UBIK® provides a set of new features to provide the client with additional information about the current Login
    • UBIK® Web Service provides the possibility to fetch detailed information about the current login
    • If configured, the current login is delivered as part of the infrastructure. The data can be easily be used by the client then
    • The Classification Login Classification identifies logins as such. The classification does not insist on the Passwordhash Property anymore.
  • UBIK® supports clients working with and sending data from different time zones
    • A database setting gives the possibility to configure the timezone data - values are stored in the database (downward compatibility)
  • Added Data Import Service, a new externally triggered customizable UBIK® Interface
  • UBIK® provides a new classification to define documents as media documents (photo, video, audio)
  • UBIK® Webservices provides a data import service for standardized imports now.
  • UBIK supports the definition of Logins being limited to login via specific Operation Systems (e.g. an Android User can only login using an Android device but cannot log in using Windows or iOS)
  • Extended the UBIK® OSIPI Plugin to be able to read data from the OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS).
  • There is a new customizable event "OnBeforeRevertUnsavedChanges" which is triggered just before unsaved changes of one object get reverted
  • UBIK Interface management provides a possibility to schedule the execution of an interface task now
  • UBIK® supports to change the type (MetaClass) of an instance event if it was already created. This provides a full set of new possibilities for the customizing as well as being able to react on new/changed project requirements
    • The mechanism to convert the type of one instance is used when importing proxies via the new member (FindOrPrepareProxy) on the Proxymanager.
  • UBIK® now provides ServiceLogins, a solution for managing service credentials to third-party systems easily and securely.
  • Dynamic Selective Lists
  • UBIK® supports to configure the min and max length of string properties now (https://wiki.augmensys.com/index.php?title=MetaProperty#Text_2).


  • A problem with autonomous properties not being filled when performing a branch download is solved now.
  • Relation Editor uses the correct Icons when displaying MetaProperties now (consistent with Details View).
  • DisplayList uses the correct Icons when displaying MetaProperties now.
  • Having more than 500 MetaProperties in the database caused an irritating issue when trying to set the MetaProxy Property Target. This issue is solved now.
  • System Selective Lists can be sent to the client now.
  • A bug in providing Childowner - Info in combination with an active ViewCache is fixed now.
  • Customized Property Values do not interfere with the change of properties on the Web Service anymore.
  • A bug with incorrect ClassType in the NUMERIC_SEQUENCE instance is fixed now.
  • An issue with remaining MetaProperties (in the Sandbox-table) after Metaclass is released is fixed now.
  • Sequential (MRO) Tasks forward their progress to their owners correctly now
  • A potential problem occuring during the start of UBIK.Studio was fixed
  • The object replication feature supports the enabled - property feature now.
  • The processing of Command Files on the Enterprise Server was improved and runs less error prone


  • OPC/UA Live Values do support Attributes now
  • The Login method persists Device Ids (sent from the clients) in UBIK now
  • UBIK provides the possibility to inject your own Credentials Authentication mechanism now. This opens UBIK to use any user authentication system in the backend.
  • UBIK uses a new logging solution. See Serilog for details.
  • SQL Logging mechanism is easier to enable and the entries are extended showing
    • Elapsed time
    • Affected records
    • Transaction start and end
    • Occurred errors
  • The UBIK Kernel allows deploying a locally staged customizing (without having the need to recompile it first) now.
  • UBIK WebService provides detailed information about View Cache data including its loading performance
  • Compiling the customizing does not copy symbol files to the project share anymore
  • Staging (local compile) does not create a symbol file for the UI Customizing anymore.
  • Staging (local compile) the customizing provides a symbol and the source file now. This is a prerequisite for debugging the customizing.
  • Internal optimizations reduce the number of database accesses by far. This results in higher performance.
  • UBIK uses Global error handling
  • The UBIK Hotspotting Module supports processing new pdf Annotations now as well.
  • The UBIK Hotspotting Module provides a new API for easing the processing of data.
  • The UBIK Hotspotting Module triggers a Thumbnail update of the changed documents now.
  • More performant object saving.
  • Update mechanism provide LDAP System Metaclasses and their properties now.
  • The UBIK Excel Module provides workflow activities to import data from MS Excel files.
  • UBIK Clients terminate their tokens when logging out now (erroneous SessionManagement).
  • The UBIK OLEDB Module now always uses the provider MSOLEDBSQL, instead of the deprecated SQLOLEDB.
  • The relation replication feature provides the possibility to configure (using customizing code) for every single Relation Item whether it should be replicated or not.
  • TLS 1.2 is now supported by the Web Services automatically, provided that .NET Framework 4.6.1 is installed on the server.
  • A set of new Custom - Metaclasses are provided via the database update now:
    • CustomAbstractScopeMetaClass
    • CustomDocumentReplicationConfigurationMetaClass
    • CustomInstanceReplicationConfigurationMetaClass
    • CustomMetaQueryScopeMetaClass
    • CustomMetaQueryViewItemMetaClass
    • CustomRelationReplicationConfigurationMetaClass
    • CustomReplicationConfigurationMetaClass

Build History Web Service

  • 3.6.0 Build 13704 on 2022.01.18
    • Initial release.
  • 3.6.0 Build 13820 on 2022.02.18
    • A problem in Property.DisplayValue was fixed
    • A problem when preloading of RelationViewItems (View Cache) is solved now
  • 3.6.0 Build ????? on 2022.??.??
    • A bug when downloading a broken file from the WebService is fixed now

Build History UBIK.Studio

  • 3.6.0 Build 13704 on 2022.01.18
    • Initial release.
  • 3.6.0 Build 13820 on 2022.02.18
    • A problem in Property.DisplayValue was fixed
    • A problem when preloading of RelationViewItems (View Cache) is solved now
    • Importing of dead Links via the Interface Execution could lead to crashes. This problem is solved now.
    • The Proxy property UBIK_UID Property is filled after updating to 3.6.0 now
    • The orphaned Relation MetaClass "SYSREL_ADMINRIGHTS" gets deleted when updating to 3.6.0 now
  • 3.6.0 Build ????? on 2022.??.??
    • A bug in scoping the initial and default values for DateTime Properties is solved now.
    • Performance improvements when processing Replication - References
    • A problem 01_MRO.Workpackage.sql script was fixed when the REF_TASKOWNER was pointing to the wrong MetaClass UID

Build History UBIK.Plugins

  • 3.6.0 Build 13704 on 2022.01.18
    • Initial release.
  • 3.6.0 Build 14255 on 2022.07.05
    • Hotspotting.CreateRevision does create a thumbnail for created revision documents now
    • The implementation of the file based Comos Interface does support the new proxy linking technique now
    • Support of SAP Plugin