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Min Max Properties

Min Max Properties describe properties that either have only a minimum and a maximum value (Min Max Properties) or a minimum, a norm, and a maximum value (Min Norm Max Properties) all within one property.


To allow inputting Min Max Properties additional input fields are displayed, two fields for Min Max Properties and three for Min Norm Max Properties. Additionally icons are displayed to identify the input fields.

Supported Types

Supported types are: Integer, Double, and String properties.

Not Supported Types

Not supported for both types of Min Max Properties are properties on queries and properties with selective lists. MRO Tasks are supported by Min Norm Max Properties only, however only the Norm value is used, the Min and Max are obscured. Pairing Min Max Properties with not supported types may result in unexpected behaviour.


The properties values are validated based on whether their minimum and maximum values are valid (min <= max) and whether the norm value is in between minimum and maximum (min <= norm <= max). If this validation fails the corresponding fields Min Max icons are highlighted to inform about their state. This does not prevent saving the entered values.


Min Max properties are classified by SYSCLS MIN MAX CLASSIFICATION.

Min Norm Max properties are exclusively classified by SYSCLS MIN NORM MAX CLASSIFICATION (not by SYSCLS MIN MAX CLASSIFICATION).

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