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Version 4.5 Xamarin

IC Attention.pngUBIK 4 clients can only connect to UBIK® Servers of version 3.6 and higher!


Android: StoreiOS: Store: Publicly available in Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

Android: Store Beta: Publicly available in Google Play Store as beta versions. You can opt in or out of the beta at any time in the store.

iOS: Store Beta: Available through Apple App Store's invitation link.

UWP: App CenterAndroid: App CenteriOS: App Center: Available to those who have access to the Augmensys App Center.

IC Attention.pngSome customized XAMLs might need an update to work properly. These changes are marked with a ⚠️

Release Notes


4.5.10 on 2023-11-15 Android: Store iOS: Store UWP: App Center

Same as 4.5.9.

4.5.9 on 2023-11-10 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the taken photos sometimes turn too bright or too dark after saving.

4.5.8 on 2023-11-08 App Center

  • Improved the performance of the initial loading when there are a large number of objects with scan related codes (e.g. SYSCLS OBJECTWITHIDMARKER).
  • The app now skips online authentication and only validates credentials offline when a user logs in with the sync mode set to offline.

4.5.7 on 2023-11-02 Android: Store iOS: Store UWP: App Center

Same as the last beta version.


4.5.7 on 2023-10-25 Android: Store Beta iOS: Store Beta UWP: App Center

  • Logging app/environment info on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted object reappears in the child list incorrectly. (Note: It's the "delete on server" option, not "delete locally".)
  • Fixed an issue where the settings button is disabled after unsuccessful logins.
  • Fixed an issue that caused unnecessary document uploads when the owner creation failed.
  • Fixed an issue where objects can still be found by scanning old codes even after their code relevant property values are changed.
  • Updated the push settings in the default profile.


4.5.6 on 2023-10-19 App Center

  • Enabled the remember scroll position feature for query result lists.
  • Fixed the misleading query criteria count in the tab header.
  • (Android) Fixed an issue where RFID scanning does not work on Android 12 and later versions.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to bring up the side menu by clicking on the menu button or header title.
  • Fixed an issue where multi select actions were always executed on all children, not only the selected ones.
  • Fixed an issue where the InvokeOnItemsCommand is disabled when used from a filtered list.
  • Fixed an issue where it's impossible to enter property values after toggling the NA state in a property editor.
  • Fixed an issue where audio and video recording wasn't possible on Android 13.
  • Fixed an issue that caused duplicate notifications when using deep links.
  • General UI fixes.

4.5.5 on 2023-10-02 App Center

  • Added additional logging during photo creation for diagnostics
  • Fixed an issue where the search function in the PDF Viewer did not work with more complex PDF files.

4.5.4 on 2023-09-28 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where it's not possible to display basic letters and numbers together with Chinese characters on some devices.

4.5.2 on 2023-09-20 App Center

  • (iOS) Fixed an issue where some controls have a black background when the device is in Dark Mode. See XAML Notes for more details.

4.5.1 on 2023-09-15 App Center

  • Chinese characters are now supported on Map Poi Pins.
  • Bing Road Maps is now supported as a new map type.
  • The Bing road map tiles can now be requested in different languages (see customizable tile source for Bing road maps).
  • A live value property's displayed description and unit can now come from the relevant attributes (if present).
  • Changed the highlighting color of text in the Syncfusion-PdfViewer to red and green for better visibility.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to start Ubik through a .profile file and import it on Android and Xamarin.UWP.
  • (iOS) Fixed an issue where the app freezes when closing an image document page.

Known issues

  • Sometimes, objects shift their positions in the lists after being edited. We found out that this is related to the 3rd party list control we use and are considering replacing it. However, this will take some more time in order to make all features we build around the control still function.
  • Currently, the Samsung keyboard doesn't show , at all, regardless of the current language/locale setting of the device. Please use a different virtual keyboard (e.g. Gboard from Google) instead if . is unacceptable.

⚠️ XAML Notes

  • iOS, Dark Mode: Fixed an issue where some controls have a black background when the device is in Dark Mode.
    • ⚠️ In some cases, these fixes might be overwritten by a having a full copy of UBIKThemes, instead of the recommended of customized-only styles. The solution is to remove the default implicit styles defined for the downgrading controls, such as DatePicker and TimePicker.
  • Exported all styles from the Settings page to UBIKThemes. These styles can now be used to target specific resources of the Settings UI that may be in conflict due to customizing. The can be found in a new default UBIKThemes by the prefix "UBIKSettings_...".