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IC CLASSIFICATION.gif Object with ID Marker
Inheritance -
Namespace System.Classification.Scan
ID {011d7d45-d773-46cc-bf1c-9dbb62e99687}
Purpose Use a Marker ID and a scanned code
Version 2.2.3+

An object classified by SYSCLS_OBJECTWITHIDMARKER and implementing the MetaProperties can be used to mark all objects having a code value (barcode, QR code or ID marker) stored on them. For offline search, the client can request all objects having the scanned value with the value in the belonging property (dependent on the type of the scanned code: barcode, QR code or ID Marker).

Please be aware that since Version 4.4.0 we support defining multiple (optical) codes for one object. W recommend to use Classification with multiple optical markers instead. If you are using an older version see Find object with single Code.


Name Data type Comment
BARCODE Text Contains the barcode data
QRCODE Text Contains the QR code data
MARKERID Integer This property is still required to fulfill the classification, but Metaio - IDs are no longer supported. This property must not be filled.

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