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Workflow Editor

The Workflow Editor is designed to display, run and edit Workflows of a single UBIK® object.

Workflow Editor
UI WorkflowEditor.png
Workflow Editor control
Name Workflow Editor
Internal Name CtrlWorkflowEditor
Purpose View and edit workflow objects
Context object Any
Version 2.1+



The Workflow Editor basically features a Workflow Designer component that can be fed with UBIK® Workflow objects.

When a context object was set, the Workflow Editor

  • either reads the Workflow relation of the context object, or
  • loads its instances (if the context object is the MetaClass Workflow)
  • loads the context object itself (if it is a Workflow object)

The result will be loaded into the Toolbar, where a Workflow object can be selected. Selecting one will load the Workflow into the designer surface.

Design vs view

Depending on the type of the context object, the Workflow Editor will either appear in design or in view mode. In the latter case the workflow is readonly and the activity toolbox is hidden. The Workflow Designer is in design mode, if

  • The context object is the system MetaClass Workflow
  • The context object is an Instance of the system MetaClass Workflow

For all other object types the Workflow Editor will be in view mode.

Drag & Drop

There is currently no Drag&Drop support other than the internal Drag&Drop of the Workflow Designer.


Item Purpose
View Style Indicates or changes the View Style of the control; changing it will result in reloading of the control
Navigate to Attempts to navigate to the current context object or the currently selected Workflow
Save Saves the context object.
Select Workflow All possible Workflows for the current context object are listed here; selecting one will immediately load the Workflow into the designer
Run Executes the currently selected Workflow in the main thread

Context menu

This control doesn't feature any context menu yet.

View Styles

The Workflow Editor has currently only one View Style.

Other functionality

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