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The navigation concept of UBIK® basically enables you to automatically find and select objects across controls in UBIK® Studio.

This navigation usually happens from a source control to a target control, where both are connected to each others via ListenTo. So when you popup a navigation menu on a certain control and click on one of the objects, it will try to locate this very object in the ListenTo source control, switch its view if necessary and select it there.

Navigation context menu

Navigation menu

The navigation menu is available in all UBIK® controls and usually pops up when right clicking an object.

Symbol Object Type Purpose
Icon1 All This will display the inheritance owner of the current object, and as a sub-item also the owner of the owner and so on, until the root object is reached. Each sub-item is clickable, so you can navigate to every level of the inheritance chain.
Icon2 MetaClass Shows a forward relation, meaning a relationship object where the current object is on the left side of the relation, but also the respective object on the right side as sub-item.
Icon3 MetaProperty Shows the Reference object assigned to this property.