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Version 4.7 (WinX)

IC Attention.pngUBIK 4 clients can only connect to UBIK® Servers of version 3.6 and higher!


Android: StoreiOS: Store: Publicly available in Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

Android: Store Beta: Publicly available in Google Play Store as beta versions. You can opt in or out of the beta at any time in the store.

iOS: Store Beta: Available through Apple App Store's invitation link.

UWP: App CenterAndroid: App CenteriOS: App Center: Available to those who have access to the Augmensys App Center.

IC Attention.pngSome customized XAMLs might need an update to work properly. These changes are marked with a ⚠️

Release Notes




4.7.0 on 2024-03-01 App Center

  • Added a new UpdateArbitraryObjectCommand that allows to update an arbitrary object based on a set of provided parameters.
  • Bing Road Maps is now supported as a new map type.
  • UBIK can also find matching online results for OCR scans now.
  • Fixed an issue where it's not always possible to revert/reset changes on queries.

Known issues

  • Sometimes, objects shift their positions in the lists after being edited. We found out that this is related to the 3rd party list control we use and are considering replacing it. However, this will take some more time in order to make all features we build around the control still function.
  • Currently, the Samsung keyboard doesn't show , at all, regardless of the current language/locale setting of the device. Please use a different virtual keyboard (e.g. Gboard from Google) instead if . is unacceptable.
  • The periodic execution of background pushes is not guaranteed on iOS.

⚠️ XAML Notes