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Version 4.2 Xamarin

IC Attention.pngUBIK 4 clients can only connect to UBIK® Servers of version 3.6 and higher!

Release Notes


Android: StoreiOS: Store: Publicly available in Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

Android: Store Beta: Publicly available in Google Play Store as beta versions. You can opt in or out of the beta at any time in the store.

iOS: Store Beta: Available through Apple App Store's invitation link.

UWP: App CenterAndroid: App CenteriOS: App Center: Available to those who have access to the Augmensys App Center.


4.2.10 on 2023-01-30 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where UI customizings are not always redeployed when local content is deleted.

4.2.9 on 2023-01-11 App Center

  • Fixed the wrong Spanish translation of "Children" (child objects).
  • Fixed an issue where the progress accumulation of grouped tasks is not always correct in offline mode.
  • (Android) Fixed a layout issue when displaying a grouped task.

4.2.8 on 2022-12-22 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where sequential successors of grouped tasks are not locked/unlocked immediately.

4.2.7 on 2022-12-20 App Center

4.2.6 on 2022-11-21 App Center

  • Fixed Issue that could cause Automatic Logout to happen on resuming to the app even when Automatic Logout was not enabled.

4.2.5 on 2022-11-17 App Center

  • Added Automatic Logout feature that triggers a logout after a defined period of user inactivity. Including handling app suspension.

4.2.1 on 2022-11-08 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where properties of certain objects are sometimes not shown. (Technically speaking, it's because DateTime related conversions lead to values exceeding the min max range due to timezone differences.)
  • (iOS) Changed the NFC toggle button in the side menu to a regular button to match the actual NFC scan pattern.

4.2.0 on 2022-11-04 App Center

  • Added an NFC/RFID scan to input mode in which scan results can be used as property value input instead of searching for objects.

Known issues

  • Sometimes, objects shift their positions in the lists after being edited. We found out that this is related to the 3rd party list control we use and are considering replacing it. However, this will take some more time in order to make all features we build around the control still function.

XAML Notes