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Version 3.7.0 Server

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Version Release Date
3.7.0 2022.08.09

Initial Release

New features

  • MRO Plugins provides standardized Code Snippets which will simplify the necessary code implementations.
    • Implement ITaskOwner
    • Implement ITask
    • Implement IConcatenatedTask
  • UBIK.Studio provides new features for the Object Explorer
    • Find Object by ID button
    • Drag of the current context object
    • Drag of the currently selected property
  • UBIK.Studio Bulk Editor hides a set of preconfigured columns by default (eg. all custom Guid columns).
  • UBIK.Studio Bulk Editor sorts by default instances by CreationTimeStamp now.
  • UBIK.Studio provides a new Standard View: "See all" which can be configured as the default View
  • UBIK.SmartStudio: Compatible with Kernel and Plugin Versions 3.7.0
  • UBIK.SmartStudio: Added the possibility to load all MetaClasses and MetaProxies into a TransportContainer with one click.


  • Processing of Comos Event Notifications
    • Creation of new objects
    • Update of existing objects
    • Deletion of existing objects
  • CUI Plugins provides standardized Code Snippets which will simplify the necessary code implementations.
    • Static Class WorkflowUtils
    • Executor Snippets
    • Implement IComosUbiqule
  • UBIK CUI provides multi language export and import now
    • The corresponding language information can be configured using the COMOS_PROJECT
  • CUI supports reading DisplayValues (calculated Values in Comos) when importing String Specifications now.
  • CUI logs every single Rest API Execution as Service Log now
  • CUI considers the configuration (Master, Client, Bidirectional) when processing Name, Label and Description now
  • CUI supports processing and storing data from multiple Comos Databases into/from one MetaProxy now
  • The initial loading of Proxies was improved (for the case when many MetaProxies are used by one Interface Admin instance)


  • MetaQueryViewItems support the method MaxResultItems now
  • UBIK.Studio provides a new Startpage which provides faster access to the projects and some UI configuration
  • Copy&Paste from MS Excel into the Bulk Editor does not add hidden linebreaks any more.
  • UBIK.Studio welcome page provides the possibility to configure UI settings now:
    • Use new ClassBrowser Style
    • Sort MetaProperties by OrderID
    • Show custom Guid Columns in Bulk Editor
    • Sort instances by CTS ascending in Bulk Editor
  • UBIK.Stuido Relation Editor and Class Details Browser display their content sorted now.
  • UBIK.Studio displays Instances and MetaProperties first with their name now.
  • UBIK.Studio Class Details Browser does not show unsupported View Modes anymore.
  • UBIK Class is available an can be included into Studio now
  • Creation of instances does not interfere with Classbrowser - ContentView any more

Knwon Issues

  • There is the possibility to create dead records in the sandbox property table if one renames used MetaProperties. This problem can also happen when working with Smart Studio.

Build History Web Service

  • 3.7.0 Build 14393 on 2022.08.09
    • Initial release.
  • 3.7.0 Build 14424 on 2022.08.11
    • CUI Event Notification Endpoint Deployment package is included now
    • Enabled to sync Linked target Properties bidirectional
  • 3.7.0 Build 14703 on 2022.09.19
    • Login instances with a missing icon configuration do not run into a null pointer exception any more
  • 3.7.0 Build 14946 on 2022.11.08
    • fixed a bug in the Live Value Service
  • 3.7.0 Build 15152 on 2022.12.07
    • Configure Content Webserice to be able to process PUSH
  • 3.7.0 Build 15424 on 2023.01.20
    • Change Log (History) Items for Properties with configured unit items (other than SI Value) show correct values now
    • CUI: An SQL Connectivity problem in the Endpoint Notification Service was fixed
  • 3.7.0 Build 15434 on 2023.05.03
    • A bug in evaluating the delta values when downloading data lead to unnecessary data transfer. This problem is fixed now.
  • 3.7.0 Build 15??? on 2023.??.??
    • A bug in content creation was fixed: If the new object gets deleted (e.g. via customizing) during the creation the client gets informed about this (delete flag is set).
    • The reverting of unsaved changes was improved (to improve the MRO progress calculation).

Build History UBIK.Studio

  • 3.7.0 Build 14393 on 2022.08.09
    • Initial release.
  • 3.7.0 Build 14424 on 2022.08.10
    • fixed a bug in the database update scripts
    • Enabled to sync Linked target Properties bidirectional
  • 3.7.0 Build 14704 on 2022.09.19
    • Sequence Generator supports multi threading now
    • Multi threading issues in the View Test Environment were solved
  • 3.7.0 Build 15152 on 2022.12.07
    • Copy&Paste of Geography property value in bulk editor does not crash UBIK.Studio any more.
    • An error when importing Values into properties with a defined Unit Item (other than si value) is fixed now.
    • Possibility of config httpwebrequest timeout
  • 3.7.0 Build 15424 on 2023.01.20
    • A database fix (executed during update to database version 3.7.0) solves the problem of unit - symbols being cut off
* If the database was already updated before, you need to execute 90_FixUnitItemsLength.sql manually or update to 3.7.1
  • 3.7.0 Build 15434 on 2023.05.03
    • Null or empty string values can be processed when importing to reference proxy properties. The link will be updated as null (no reference).
  • 3.7.0 Build 15??? on 2023.??.??
    • A bug when releasing MetaClasses in the wrong order is fixed. No data gets lost any more.
    • Data consistency gets checked before releasing or sandboxing a MetaClass now.

Build History UBIK.Plugins

  • 3.7.0 Build 14393 on 2022.08.09
    • Initial release.
  • 3.7.0 Build 14499 on 2022.08.30
    • An issue in the LDAP Plugin was solved: The configuration of the LDAP - User - MetaProxy (external primary key) is used to determine the names of the corresponding LDAP property
  • 3.7.0 Build 14704 on 2022.09.19
    • CUI - Change in the management of importing data: Import-Status "Conflict" does not block the import any more
    • CUI - Export - Error responses from Comos Rest API are processed correctly now (setting the Export state of the corresponding proxy to Error)
    • CUI - Creation of documents does not run into an exception if the owner is not set any more
    • CUI - A 5 seconds wait -time (after creation of a new Comos object) was removed as Comos DBs need to have Cvs3g activated.
    • CUI - Exported Document Proxies do not end up in Export State Conflict any more
    • CUI - Issues when processing Document updates via Event Notifications were solved
    • CUI - SQL Deadlocks are avoided when processing parallel imports
    • CUI - The system is now able to process multiple UBIK Login Instances and multiple Interface Admin objects
    • CUI - Event Notification uses the configured template id (on the MetaProxy) when importing data
    • CUI - Correction of Comos System Types (e.g. Working Overlay)
    • CUI - a bug with Proxies not being saved was solved
  • 3.7.0 Build 15147 on 2022.12.06
    • CUI - Performance improvements when processing Event Notifications
    • CUI - It is possible to configure a process - delay for Event Notifications now. This provides the possibility to bypass timing issues if the processing of Event Notifications happens to fast.
    • CUI - It is possible to define a DB-ID whiteliste for Event Notifications (Endpoint) now. Only allowed Notifications get processed.
    • CUI - UBIK Event Notification Processor will not terminate the Enterprise Server if there is still ongoing data sync in the background.
    • CUI - DateTime Values are not imported as default values if the Comos Value is null (not defined).
    • CUI - Cancelling the creation of Comos Objects does not cause follow up errors any more.
    • CUI - Processing of Proxies with duplicate key is supported when managing references now.
  • 3.7.0 Build 15424 on 2023.01.20
    • CUI - Open Event Notifications get processed in packages of max 5.000 items now.
    • CUI is able to handle the error case if importing of Event Notifications runs into an error (e.g. when Comos Rest API is not available).
    • CUI - Event Notifications scanner does not crash when processing Events any more.
    • UBIK Hotspotting - Freetext Annotations support chinese characters when flattening them into pdf now (a new method SupportChineseCharacterSet() is available on the AnnotatedDocument)
  • 3.7.0 Build 15434 on 2023.05.03
    • CUI - A bug in processing document revisions is fixed now. An unexpected answer (from the rest api) does not stop the import any more.
    • CUI - The Session ID was removed from file of Comos Export file name.
    • CUI - The file based (old) import ignored the Ubik UID (when it was specified in the xml); this could lead to duplicate Proxies being created. This is fixed now.
    • CUI - The (file based) ComosImportManager provides a possibility to inject an Import Value Validator. This gives extra flexibility when applying usecase specific import logics.
    • Hotspotting - Flattening annotations into a revision does not update the original document anymore - fixed.
    • Hotspotting - Flattening annotations into a rotated pdf adapts the annotations accordingly now.
  • 3.7.0 Build 15??? on 2023.11.14
    • A bug in the calculation of MRO related values during imports is fixed now.
    • Filebased CUI - A problem with writing xml files for Comos export is solved now.

Build History UBIK.SmartStudio

  • 3.7.0 Build 14543 on 2022.08.31
  • 3.7.0 Build 14926 on 2022.11.04
    • Added the possibility to load all MetaClasses and MetaProxies into a TransportContainer with one click.
    • An issue where MetaReferences wasn't loaded from the Environment for MetaProxyProperties in certain cases is fixed now. (Only 3.7)
    • An issue where a Classification's MetaProperties were added to a MetaClass without the user's intention when loading a MetaClass from the Environment is fixed now.
  • 3.7.0 Build 15466 on 2023.05.03
    • An issue where a missing assembly binding in SmartStudio led to errors when loading plugins was fixed.