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Object Explorer

The Object Explorer is designed to display and edit all properties of a single UBIK® object. Technically, it reads the entire .NET object definition of the context object using reflection, which makes it very different from all the other UBIK® controls. It is useful for exploring system internals of objects, since it acts on a very deep level with hardly any business logic around it. It should not be used for modifying objects unless it is really necessary.

Object Explorer
UI ObjectExplorer.png
Object Explorer control
Name Object Explorer
Internal Name CtrlObjectBrowser
Purpose Explore objects at system level
Context object Any
Version 2+




The control reads the definition from the current context object and displays the found properties in a hierarchical style. The left column will display the name of the property, while the right column displays the value. If a property returns a complex type, it will be expandable in order to view the details of the type.


Exploring a collection property

If a certain property returns a collection, it will not only be expandable but also display the number of elements in the collection as preview value. Clicking on the value will also bring a ... button on the very right, which opens the collection editor.


If a certain property returns an enumeration, it will be display a Combobox providing all the possible enumeration values.


Properties in regular font style can be edited.

IC Attention.pngEditing in this control should be handled with great care and is in general neither necessary nor recommended!

Drag & Drop

The Object Explorer is a target for Drag&Drop operations, any object can be dropped on the value field of a property if it matches the system type.


Item Purpose
Find Object by ID Provides the possibility to load objects by their UID.
Self From here the Object which is currently in the Object Explorer can be dragged to eg. other editors.
Current Selected Object From here the Object which is currently selected in the list of the Object Explorer can be dragged to eg. other editors. (Only visible if the selected list item is a BaseClass)
Item Purpose
Categorized Display the properties grouped into their categories
Alphabetical Display the properties in alphabetical order
Property pages No functionality yet

Context menu

The Control provides the possibility to load objects by its UID

View Styles

The Object Explorer has no View Styles.

Other functionality