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Version 1.3 Xamarin


Release Notes


Android: StoreiOS: Store: Publicly available in Google Play Store / Apple App Store.

Android: Store Beta: Publicly available in Google Play Store as beta versions. You can opt in or out of the beta at any time in the store.

iOS: Store Beta: Available through Apple App Store's invitation link.

UWP: App CenterAndroid: App CenteriOS: App Center: Available to those who have access to the Augmensys App Center.


1.3.22 on 2022-07-15 Android: Store

  • (Android only) Fixed an issue where users could not enter , as the decimal point in property editing. However, there is still an issue with the Samsung keyboard, see Known issues.

1.3.18 on 2022-02-02 Android: Store iOS: Store UWP: App Center

  • Fixed an issue where it’s impossible to enter decimal points for double property values.

1.3.17 on 2022-01-28 Android: Store iOS: Store UWP: App Center

  • Same as Beta 1.3.17.


1.3.17 on 2022-01-21 Android: Store Beta iOS: Store Beta UWP: App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the default content icon is not visible.
  • Fixed an issue where the content page turns blank after quickly browsing back to an object which is just committed.
  • Fixed an issue where the signing area is not visually obvious in the signature editor.
  • Fixed an issue where setting values to non string properties through selective items is impossible.

1.3.16 on 2022-01-14 Android: App Center iOS: App Center UWP: App Center

1.3.13 on 2022-01-10 Android: App Center iOS: App Center UWP: App Center

  • String/Text properties can now be configured with length restrictions with which client users must comply.

1.3.10 on 2021-12-23 Android: App Center iOS: App Center UWP: App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the map page doesn’t open when UBIKMapArea is customized.

1.3.9 on 2021-12-23 Android: App Center iOS: App Center UWP: App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the app incorrectly takes the geo location of an object when showing it on map.

1.3.8 on 2021-12-22 iOS: App Store

This is the same version as 1.3.6.


1.3.6 on 2021-12-20 Android: App Center iOS: App Center UWP: App Center

  • Fixed an issue where POIs are displayed with unwanted horizontal offsets on screens with high pixel density.

1.3.4 on 2021-12-17 Android: App Center iOS: App Center UWP: App Center

  • Added support for signature property editing (not yet on iOS).
  • When navigating to the map view with a context object (or POI view), UBIK makes sure it's visible and selects/highlights it.
  • Users can now choose dynamic selective list items when editing Guid properties.
  • Fixed an issue where the result of Guid/link property editing is not always automatically saved and committed upon user confirmation.
  • Fixed an issue where query result items are sometimes not shown the first time a Guid/link property is edited.
  • Fixed an issue where the navigation history is replayed when a page gets refreshed.
  • Fixed an issue where the document page becomes unusable (turns blank) after users browse to a PDF document with freshly updated annotations.
  • Fixed a performance issue (memory leak & high CPU usage) after showing many PDF documents.

Known issues

  • Branch download might be paused if the device goes into sleep mode without a power source attached and will only resume if the device screen is unlocked again. We are aware of this issue and will improve it in the future versions.
  • When editing the value of a double property in landscape mode characters other then numbers are not displayed but still remain in the string.
  • In rare cases, a query page appears blank without list content after navigating back from another query page. In such cases, a workaround is to reopen it or pull the list area to refresh.
  • In rare cases, selection of PDF annotations might misbehave on iOS.
  • Currently, the Samsung keyboard doesn't show , at all, regardless of the current language/locale setting of the device. Please use a different virtual keyboard (e.g. Gboard from Google) instead if . is unacceptable.

XAML changes

Show on map

To enable the selected effect, you need to add SelectedPOI="{Binding SelectedPOI.WorldARItem}" ContextObjectId="{Binding ContextObjectId}" to the mapsUi:MapView control in the existing (if any) UBIKMapArea template.

Show in AR

The selected effect is implemented in the following templates.

  • UBIKWorldViewItemArea;
  • UBIKDisplayViewItemArea;
  • UBIKCameraViewItemArea.

If you have customized these templates, they need to be updated to display the effect. Below is the example effect added in the new default templates.

<Grid x:Name="PoiGrid" xmlns:behaviors="clr-namespace:UBIK.CPL.Behaviors;assembly=UBIK.CPL">
           Binding="{Binding IsSelected}"
            <behaviors:ScaleAction FinalScale="2" TargetObject="{Binding Source={x:Reference PoiGrid}}" />
           Binding="{Binding IsSelected}"
            <behaviors:ScaleAction FinalScale="1" TargetObject="{Binding Source={x:Reference PoiGrid}}" />
       IsVisible="{Binding IsSelected}" />
    <!-- Here goes the actual content of the POI -->
  • Through the use of those two behaviors, the POI is scaled up/down when it becomes selected/unselected;
  • The frame with a border color highlights the POI when it's selected.
IC Hint square.pngYou can implement different effects as you like.