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Relation Editor

Relation Editor
UI RelationEditor.png
Relation Editor displaying system relations
Name Relation Editor
Internal Name CtrlRelationEditor
Purpose Display and edit relationships
Context object Any
Version 2+

The Relation Editor is designed to display and edit UBIK® relationships and their respective child objects, as well as relation data in a hierarchical manner.




The control uses the very same icons as the Class Browser.


The control implements the very same Tooltip logic as the Class Browser.

Node styles

The control implements the very same node styles as the Class Browser.

Node texts

The control implements the very same node texts as the Class Browser.

Drag & Drop

The Relation Editor is a source for Drag&Drop operations, any object can be dragged from here.

Relationship nodes are also targets for Drag&Drop operations. When dragging an object over such a node, it will check if the dragged object matches the right side of the respective relation (target type right).


Item Purpose
View Style Indicates or changes the View Style of the control; changing it will result in reloading of the control
Navigate to context object Attempts to navigate to the current context object
Save Saves the current context object
Save All Subobjects Saves the current context object and all its subobjects

Context menu

Clicking a node with the right mouse button will bring up a standard context menu for each node. Depending on the type of node clicked there will be different options. However, the following menu items are available:

Menu Object Type Purpose
Remove from relation Relation child objects Removes the object as a child of the superior relationship
Navigate To All Opens the Navigation menu
Save All Saves changes on the object to the database
Delete All Deletes the object from cache. It will only be removed from the database after a Save

View Styles

The Object Editor has two view styles.

Relation content

In this view style, it is possible to add children to existing relations and to remove them.

  • To add a child, drag it from a control and move it over the respective relationship node. Dropping will only be allowed when the type matches, meaning the relationship can hold the dragged object as a child.
  • To remove a child, right click on the node and select Remove from relation

Content and Rights

In general this view style behaves like the "Relation content" view style. In addition to that this view style allows the user to grant group rights in the ACM to metaproperties assigned to a scope.

Relation data and Rights of a MetaProperty

Relation data

Relation data of a MetaProperty