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Login Dialog

For confidentiality reason, users are required to login before they have access to most of the UBIK® features.

Accessing login dialog

Login button in the start menu
Login button in the start menu

Near the bottom of the start menu which users see immediately after launching UBIK® application, there is a Login button. Clicking it opens the login dialog.

Logging in

Login dialog
Login dialog

In the login dialog, users can provide their credentials to identify themselves. If the authentication is successful, the dialog will be dismissed and users will have access to all the UBIK® features. Otherwise, the error details will be given in the authentication messages.

Logging in with the current UBIK settings

User authentication in progress
User authentication in progress

If all the UBIK® setting values are already configured correctly before login, users can simply click Login in the dialog. During the time of authentication, there will be a progress dialog displayed. Once users' identities are confirmed, both dialogs will be dismissed.

Logging in with a selected Preset

Selecting a preset before login
Selecting a preset before login

It is also possible to specify a collection of setting values to use before login. In this case, simply click Load Preset. A preset selection dialog will then be shown. After choosing the desired preset, users can click Login in the selection dialog to trigger the authentication.

PreSet can not be loaded

PreSets can not be loaded eventually. If this happens when attempting to login, a notification is shown and the user is navigated back to the login dialog after pressing Login. Settings are not changed if the PreSet was erroneous.

Authentication messages

No user input

Before any user input
Before any user input

When users try to login with no input at all, the indicating message says "Please enter your username and password."

Password missing

Password missing
Password missing

When users try to login with only usernames but not passwords, the indicating message says "Type the password for this account."

Invalid user credentials

Invalid username entered
Invalid username entered
Invalid password entered
Invalid password entered

When the usernames being used is invalid, the indicating message says "The username isn't valid. Please try again.". Also when the password being used is invalid, the indicating message says "The password isn't valid. Please try again."

IC Attention.pngUsernames are not case sensitive, which means "Admin" and "admin" designate the same account.
IC Hint square.pngVerification of username and password happens only if the web service is configured to use USAM.

Offline login: Unkown user credentials

When logging in without network access, the client tries to compare the given credentials to a successful, earlier login. If this fails (even if the credentials would be correct when tried against the server) the offline login is unsuccessful. A respective message is shown to the user: "Offline login failed: There was no previous login with the given credentials. Please try to login when connected to the server!".

Web service messages

In case an error occurred while/when the client sends a request to the web service for authentication, a message detailing the reason for failure will be displayed according to the following

Cause Message displayed
Invalid satellite The satellite isn't valid.
Locked satellite The satellite is locked.
Service unavailable The service is unavailable.
Service maintenance The service is in maintenance.
Internal error An internal error occurred at server side.
Unknown error An error occurred at service side.
Authorization error An authorization error occurred. Erroneous HTTP status code 401.
Service not found The service couldn't be called. Please check the configuration. Erroneous HTTP status code 404.
IC Hint square.pngDetailed failed login error messages available since Version 2.4.1 - Android

Remembering passwords

(Available since Version 2.4.1 - Android )

Login dialog for a remembered user
Login dialog for a remembered user

UBIK® allows users to remember their passwords for easy login. In the login dialog, there’s an extra checkbox below the password field. Once a user has successfully logged in with it checked, he/she will be remembered. During next time’s login, as soon as the same username is entered and the focus leaves the name field, UBIK® detects the remembered state and updates the password field ("*****" regardless of what the real password is) and the checkbox. Similarly, users can uncheck the checkbox to forget their remembered states.

IC Attention.pngThe user and password can only be remembered / forgotten if the login is successful.
IC Hint square.pngIt is possible to enter a password even when the user is remembered. In this case, the entered password will be used for login.

Offline Login

Once a user has successfully logged in online, the account is remembered locally and an offline login can be done.

IC Attention.pngThe same password the online login succeeded with has to be used for subsequent offline logins.
So even if the authentication web service is not password-restrictive, the client always is.
IC Attention.pngFor the UBIK WinX client, offline login only is possible if the user data is sent to the client via the web service first. The logins have to be configured in the ACM infrastructure therefore.

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