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Make a Document ready for Redlining

The redlining feature creates a copy of the document and opens it for editing with any installed 3rd party application. Enabling redlining for certain document objects requires that the following criteria are met:



Criterion 1: A file document MetaClass is prepared for Redlining

  1. Set the SYSCLS REDLINEDFILE classification on a MetaClass for file documents using the Class Details control (the MetaClass must derive from FILEDOCUMENT)
    Redlined document
  2. Check if all required MetaProperties are implemented

Criterion 2: File documents can be created as child objects of other file documents

  1. Create a new relation between the MetaClasse of the original file document and the redlined file document
    Create relation

Criterion 3: View items for the (redlined) file document exist

  1. Create the view items for the file documents if they do not already exist (existing view items for file documents might be sufficient)
  2. Relate the view items to the according View and test the result in the View Test Environment (redlined documents can be created as child objects of other documents)

Criterion 4: Context scopes for the redlined file document exist and such file document can be created on the UBIK® Client

  1. Create a context scope for the redlined file document (an existing context scope for file documents might be sufficient
    Create context scopes
  2. Enable the creation of the document on the UBIK® Client and configure at least the Description property in the ACM
    Create context scopes
  3. If a thumbnail should be displayed on the mobile client configure the Thumbnail property as well


Once the configuration has been completely accomplished on the server side the Redline Document function should be available on the mobile client.

  1. Long-click a document's thumbnail Content Browser
  2. Access the menu and choose Redline Document
    Redline document

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