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Customize Status LED on Mobile Client

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It is possible to customize the status LED for applications on a mobile device. This can be done by simply placing/replacing the image file status_led.png in the UI Configurations folder.

IC Hint square.pngThe recommended max resolution/dimension of the image file is 48x48 pixels for phones and 72x72 pixels for tablets. Once the image size exceeds the row height, the views might not be displayed in an optimal way.
IC Hint square.pngThe color of the image will affect the final color of the status LED. Therefore, it is recommended to use an image with light colors such as grey or white.

The customization can be achieved through the following steps:

  1. Launch any file browser application;
  2. Choose an image file to be used as the status LED, rename it to status_led.png;
  3. Navigate to the predefined directory, create it if not found;
  4. Place the renamed file under the selected directory, replace the old file with the same name if exists.

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