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Make an Object show a Status LED

Appearance of the Status LED

An object implementing the status color classification a status LED icon is shown in the ContentBrowser's list of objects.

Criterion 1: The object's MetaClass implements the SYSCLS STATUSCOLOR classification

  1. Set the SYSCLS_STATUSCOLOR classification on the MetaClass of the object, using the Class Details control
    Class Details
  2. Ensure that a MetaProperty named STATUSCOLOR of data type Integer is added to the MetaClass's property list
    STATUSCOLOR property
  3. Save the changes with Ctrl+S or the save command

Criterion 2: The definitions are also delivered to the client via the MetaDefinitions

  1. Add the STATUSCOLOR property to the list of published MetaProperties of the according context scope
  2. Evaluate and release the new MetaDefinitions (if necessary)
IC Hint square.pngThe value of the STATUSCOLOR property has to be of type integer and must represent a numeric color code. Its value can be entered directly or originate from a selective list item.

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