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Create a new ReferenceViewItem automatically

One of the Drag and Drop Actions in UBIK 4.8 and above is the automatic creation of new ReferenceViewItems.




It can be triggered by dragging the designated child MetaClass onto the designated parent MetaClass. Confirm your decision to create a ReferenceViewItem by clicking on the upcoming context menu item “Create Reference View Item and add it to a View”.


Link property selection

A window will appear where you can choose between existing link properties which will fit and you want to use as reference for the ReferenceViewItem. You can select one by clicking on its Radiobutton (you can only select one item) then confirm your choice with "OK". If there is no link property you want to use, you can select "Create new link property" and a new link property will be created automatically as CUSTOMMETAPROPERTY with a REFERENCE to the drop target MetaClass. If you do not want to use any property you can just close the window and the Reference property of the ReferenceViewItem will be left empty.


View selection

After that a second Window will appear where you can choose multiple existing Views to which you want to add the just created ReferenceViewItem by checking them and confirming with the "OK" button. If you do not want to add the ReferenceViewItem to a View, you can just close the window.


The process is done and a ReferenceViewItem is created and added to the Views automatically. The changes are saved automatically.

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