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Create a new MetaClassScope

A MetaClassScope is used to specify the list of published properties of a particular MetaClass and granted permissions for this object type.

  1. Navigate to the MetaClass METACLASSSCOPE in the Class Browser
  2. Create a new instance using the Bulk Editor
  3. It is required to assign a target type of the MetaClassScope to the MetaClass attribute either by
    • dragging and dropping a MetaClass object onto the cell
    • selecting the desired MetaClass from the dialog appearing after double-clicking the cell
  4. It is recommended to set at least name and description
  5. Save the changes with Ctrl+S or the save command
  6. Add a parent scope using the inheritance field in the ObjectExplorer of the scope if needed. MetaProperties form the parent scope will now be added to the scope. The parent scope must be of type AbstractScope.
  7. The object needs to be added to the list of scope object of the according Application. Use the IC RELATION.png SYSREL CONTEXTSCOPE relation to add individual objects to the list of scopes.
  8. The characteristics of the scope object can now be changed. If the user should be able to create a new object of this type on the mobile device check Creation enabled of the relationional data.
  9. Add properties to the list of published MetaProperties to display them on the mobile client and modify their IC RELATIONDATA.png relational data if needed.
  10. Save the changes with Ctrl+S or the save command
IC Hint square.pngSetting the Compare Value property to Compare Value is necessary to refresh the value of a of a calculated property on the mobile device.
IC Attention.pngThe properties of the MetaClassScope and published MetaProperties can only be changed in Admin mode

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