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What is UBIK


UBIK® is a comprehensive product for enabling Augmented Reality supported mobile solutions in industrial environments.

It allows the creation of flexible, high performance object models that are capable of consolidating data from almost any sources, either as a onetime effort, on a frequent basis or just on demand whenever it is needed. These models are exposed to a WebService and can be subscribed by UBIK® mobile devices, which crossfade the objects as bubbles into the camera view, based on their geo-position.

IL ProjectFlow.png

UBIK® Features

Design object-oriented data models

Release data model

  • Compile object model to native code and relational data
  • Navigate through data still object-oriented, but with the integrity and performance of an RDBMS
  • Deploy to on-premise infrastructure and/or the cloud

Interface to data sources

  • Leverage standard interfaces, i.e. ISO15926
  • Create custom interface plugins, to any available source
  • Use proxies to control your data versions
  • Manage interface behavior and consolidation workflows

Publish data model

Use data in the field

  • Aim mobile device on objects and get information instantly
  • Zoom into more detailed information, fast and secure
  • Have access to the full published data model of the server
  • Edit data in the field and save it back to the server, thus even to the sources
  • Record pictures or voice messages and enrich your data input
  • Teach in new objects directly in the field, based on your geo-position