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Version 4.6 (WinX)

IC Attention.pngThis version requires Windows 10 build 17763 or higher


Store: Publicly available in Microsoft Store.

Store Beta: Publicly available in Microsoft Store as beta versions to those whose account email is included in our beta program. Please contact the Augmensys staff and submit your chosen email address if you would like to join.

App Center: Available to those who have access to the Augmensys App Center.

IC Attention.pngSome customized XAMLs might need an update to work properly. These changes are marked with ⚠️

Release Notes


4.6.20 on 2024-02-15 Store

  • Same as the last Beta version.


4.6.20 on 2024-01-24 Store Beta

  • Fixed an issue where the signature editor appears empty after the value is reverted.
  • Fixed an issue where the app crashes when you toggle the NA status of tasks repeatedly.
  • Fixed an issue where property value changes are not properly save to the local database in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the Geo Editor map did not update on Windows 11.
  • Fixed an issue where NA appeared selected after reverting a task value.


4.6.11 on 2024-01-09 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the PDF Viewer changed its offset after zooming while searching for text
  • Fixed an issue where the selection border of a POI remained in the UI even if it was not selected anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not click the map at the scan window position even when the scan window was disabled
  • Fixed an issue where the Hierarchy bar didn't update properly when navigating from Map View to a POI content.
  • Fixed several issues during saving PDF changes (annotations and hotspots) with auto save turned off.
    • Changes to hotspots are lost if both annotations and hotspots properties require user authentication.
    • Annotations and hotspots properties are modified even when they are not changed.
    • Annotations property is modified even when there are no annotations created.
  • Fixed an issue where auto save of objects (including documents) does not always work.
  • Fixed an issue where the change indicator of a task does not update when its NA button is toggled.

4.6.9 on 2024-01-04 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the app might save an object unnecessarily (especially in offline/manual mode), leading to potential performance issues.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when reverting geo data in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where PDF annotations slightly change their opacity when (de)selected.

4.6.8 on 2023-12-11 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the text field of text annotations didn't focus automatically.

4.6.7 on 2023-12-07 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where ink/shape annotations created with an older client are displayed completely transparent.

4.6.6 on 2023-12-06 App Center

  • UBIK can now apply preconfigured initial zoom levels when displaying PDF documents.
  • Updated the Portuguese and the Spanish localization.
  • Changed the default PDF renderer setting from Syncfusion to PDFium (an earlier issue is solved).

4.6.3 on 2023-12-05 App Center

  • Updated the Czech and the Polish localization.
  • Enabled opacity on PDF shape annotations.
  • Changed the default PDF renderer setting from PDFium back to Syncfusion due to compatibility issues on certain devices (e.g. Surface Pro).

4.6.2 on 2023-12-04 App Center

  • Fixed an issue where the branch download was enabled for uncommitted content.
  • Fixed an Issue that prevented manually committing changes in manual mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the opacity of PDF ink annotations is messed up (completely transparent).

4.6.1 on 2023-11-29 App Center

  • An arbitrary object can now be accessed in the UI via UID with the ObjectByUID feature.
  • Annotations are now automatically saved in the Flip View when flipping the page, see here.
  • It's now possible to scan barcodes and QR codes and apply code affixes during the searches.
  • Single sign-on is now available.
  • The default stroke width of PDFViewer Annotations can now be customized, see UBIKPdfViewer.
  • Added an uncommitted changes indicator button leading to a list of the currently uncommitted changes if there are any.
  • Updated the color palette for PDF Annotations.
  • Fixed an issue that caused link properties to appear as null.
  • Added a new PDF renderer option (PDFium) to solve some text rendering issue on certain documents.
  • Improved the UI performance when accessing properties.
  • Fixed an issue where highlighted text was not centered in the PDF Viewer after performing a text search.

Known issues

  • FlipView AutoSave Annotations: Unsaved changes on the document (e.g. Annotations) are gonna be saved and committed automatically when flipping the page in the FlipView. But, changes are lost when leaving the page without flipping the document first.
  • During PDF annotating/hotspotting, changes are lost if you leave the page without deselecting the changed annotation/hotspot.
  • Free Text Annotations that where created in former sessions cannot be selected and therefore cannot be edited any more.

⚠️ XAML Notes

  • UWP: To guarantee that annotations are properly saved automatically in the Flip View when flipping the page, the "AutoSave" property in the UBIKPdfViewer control of the UBIKDocumentFlipView.xaml needs to be set to "True". Attention: Changes are lost when leaving the page without flipping the document first.
  • The default stroke width for Annotations can be defined with the AnnotationDefaultStrokeWidth property in the UBIKThemes.xaml:
<x:Double x:Key="AnnotationDefaultStrokeWidth">1</x:Double>