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Version 4.6.0 (Server)



  • UBIK® supports scanning objects having the same code and prefiltering them by starting the scan from a scan source object. See Scan with code affixes classification
  • Single Sign-On: The JWKS used to verify OIDC tokens on the server side is now updated automatically. See Integrate UBIK in an SSO Environment
  • Improvements in the Comos MetaData SmartImport: It is now possible to import icons, and specify the UBIK® root MetaClasses and MetaProxies for classes imported from Comos using SmartStudio.
  • CUI Event Notification Processor provides the possibility to configure its scan behaviour (Scan - Delay, Scan-Size, Nbr of processed proxies, number of processed Notifications)
  • UBIK® now uses auto-generated DB indexes for link properties and several system columns (also provided as a patch for 4.5).



  • Now every UI Action has to be confirmed before it gets executed, to avoid accidents (also provided as patch for 4.5).
  • The UBIK database access layer was stabilized wrt. concurrency, in order to avoid DB-deadlocks (also provided as patch for 4.5).
  • An issue where custom UI code compilation failed for MetaClasses with the same name as others from a different plugin was fixed.
  • An issue where the recursive evaluation of hierarchical data could lead to bad web service performance was fixed.
  • An issue where renaming a MetaProperty led to redundant column definitions was fixed.
  • A problem with deleting ubiqules triggered by incomming event notifications (with delete info) ws solved.
  • Processing of Event Notifications was improved to avoid creation of multiple proxies presenting the same ubiqule.
  • A problem in the View Cache Detail evaluation was fixed: the numbers of previewed items get cleared after every update now. There was the potential danger of an integer overflow.
  • An issue where broken communication with the REST API Webservice could lead to an handled exception is fixed now.



  • UBIK Provides the possibility to reset proxies since 4.5.0. This feature is supported in the UI (Object Editor) now as well.
  • Adapted Namespace for items provided via the UBIK.Interface.Module.Excel
  • UBIK Web Service supports up to TLS1.2 now.
  • OPC UA Live Values of DataType Byte and Int16 (short) are supported now.
  • Now every UI Action has to be confirmed before it gets executed.
  • A vulnerability issue in a NuGet package was solved

Known Issues

  • Exclusive Access Queries are currently not supported by the UBIK Kernel.
  • If an error with id 350007 occurs during the thumbnail creation we recommend installing the Ghostscript library https://ghostscript.com/releases/gsdnld.html