Last modified on 14 November 2023, at 07:57

Version 4.4.0 (Server)




  • Documents can be classified as Highlighting document classification object now. Preconfigured text will be scanned when opening these documents (on the client) and will be highlighted if found.
  • Queries can be classified with the Lazy loading Query classification object which classifies them as queries with a lazy loading/update behavior.
  • A set of new Drag & Drop actions are available in UBIK.Studio:
    • Add and implement Classification
    • Drag a classification over a MetaClass
    • Drag a classification over a MetaClassScope/MetaQueryScope
    • Drag a MetaClass over a MetaClassScope
    • Drag a MetaClass over a MetaProxy
    • Drag a MetaClass over a Context
  • UBIK provides the possibility to define multiple scan codes (barcode, QR-Code and RFID) for one object now.
    • A new MetaClass IDMARKER (Scan ID Marker) was introduced. Items of IDMARKER are interpreted as Code - Items. A Property () defines the type (barcode, QR-code, RFID).
    • A new Classification Multiple Markers ID classification object can be used to mark objects having multiple optical codes (barcode, QR-Code).
    • A new Classification Multiple RFID tags classification object can be used to mark objects having multiple RFID codes.

CUI (Comos UBIK Interface)

  • CUI supports the sync of External Comos Documents now
  • CUI supports the import and export of Properties of type GeoData now. For this a MetaProxyPropeprty of type string must be used on the MetaProxy.
  • CUI provides a set of MetaClasses which can be used for easier setup of an interface sceanrio:
    • Comos Root Node
    • Comos Devices
    • Comos Native Documents
    • Comos Revisions
    • Comos External Documents
  • CUI MetaProxy Properties support a new configuration setting called "Import Type"
    • The default value "Standard" will import Property Values as before
    • If set to "DisplayValue" CUI will import the Display Value inlcuding the physical Unit from a Comos Specification. Export of such MetaProxy Properties is no supported.
    • Proxies are not set as "Mark for Deletion" if they were never imported before (having no target)


  • Improved management of temporary files reduces the needed disk space
  • An issue with forcing an update of changed predecessor information on the client was solved.
  • Uploading a file (via UBIK Web Service) to an invalid content id returns Forbidden instead of Unauthorized now.
  • UBIK Provides a generic Live Value Server MetaClass via Database Update now.
    • Because of this change custom Live Value code for OPC/UA and OSIPI is compatible to 3.7.1.


Upcomming 'Release 4.4.0.?????

  • Filebased CUI - A problem with writing xml files for Comos export is solved now.


  • An issue where the MRO task owner property caused exceptions was fixed.
  • An issue where properties didn't show up in the View Test details area was fixed.
  • An issue where the system definitions were initialized in the wrong order when upgrading to version 4.4 or higher was fixed.
  • An issue where the server instance for an OPC-UA or OSIPI datapoint object couldn't be configured and read correctly was fixed.


  • Saving of Login Objects do not create unsaved and orphaned objects any more.
  • A locally built customizing can now be loaded in all circumstances.
  • SystemSelectiveLists can be saved now.
  • *.zip is provided as standard SelectiveItem for FILE_TYPES now.


  • An error during the Creation of Human readably Views was fixed: the naming of the Views is like in pre UBIK 4 Versions now.
  • An issue where warnings were output when initializing system meta classes was fixed.
  • An issue where attributes weren't loaded correctly was fixed.
  • A bug in the OPC-UA plugin that led to an infinite loop when reading a link property of an OPC datapoint object was fixed.

Initial release

  • Evaluation of Child Info takes configured user rights in account now.
  • CUI - a problem in handling bidirectional proxy values when importing via REST API is fixed now.
  • A problem when loading the current (released) customizing after removing the local customizing is fixed now.
  • Failing to connect to the UNC file path does not have an effect on loading the database managed customizings any more.
  • A bug in handing the Session management is fixed now.
  • A bug which could lead to duplicates in the sequence generation is fixed now.
  • "Evaluation type" and "Parameter key" properties of UI-Actions provide selective lists now.
  • A problem with serializing Change Logs is fixed now. Also invalid Date/Time Values do not cause the Web Service to fail any more.
  • A bug when uploading empty or broken streams via UBIK WebServices was fixed.
  • A bug leading to UBIK.Studio crashes when compiling custom code for 2 different databases was solved.
  • An issue where the connection to the view database couldn't be established was fixed.
  • The ACM Delete Configuration meta property for scopes is functional again.
  • An issue where meta data couldn't be imported using SmartStudio when system classifications were involved was fixed.