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Version 3.7 (WinX)

Important Notes

IC Attention.pngThis version requires Windows 10 build 16299 or higher

Initial Release

New features

  • The UBIK client can now automatically use UI customizings deployed from the server. Details can be found here.



  • Fixed a memory leak issue when viewing 3D models in the app.
  • Fixed an issue where created content is not automatically committed if the navigation is skipped.
  • Fixed an issue where unwanted values are assigned during the data/template replications.
  • Fixed the not working template selection button in the default XAML template.

Known issues

  • Project specific resources defined in UBIKThemes might not take effect immediately after switching profiles. Restarting the app solves the problem.
  • If a device has multiple cameras of exactly the same model (e.g. Microsoft HD 3000), the wrong one might be used during remote support calls.
  • The AR Marker related features are resource intense and can cause the app to slow down on weaker tablets.
  • Sometimes after an external bluetooth RFID scanner is disconnected, the app still incorrectly recognizes it as available.
  • It's not possible to interact with an online document in a flip view. This will be fixed in the next build. Until then, a workaround is to customize the default UBIKDetailsArea template. Find the one and only Canvas control in it and change its Visibility property value to "{Binding DataContext.HotSpotViewModel.DocumentScanMode, ElementName=ChildFlipView, Converter={StaticResource BoolToVisConverter}, FallbackValue=Collapsed}"

Build History

  • 3.7.3 on 2020-03-27
    • Initial release.
  • 3.7.6 on 2020-04-16
    • Improved the precision of remembered list view scroll positions and fixe an issue where it sometimes stops working.
  • 3.7.10 on 2020-06-30
    • Fixed an issue where AR items (e.g. POIs, map pins) are not correctly updated after switching POI groups.
    • Fixed an issue where scanning sometimes does not work until toggling the scan switches.
    • Fixed an issue where live values are sometimes not received on the clients (when the live value attributes are configured as null).
    • Fixed an issue where users could not swipe across documents in the gallery/flipview using gestures.
    • Fixed an issue where documents in the gallery/flipview was contantly moving slightly up and down.
  • 3.7.11 on 2020-07-02
    • RootPage is now fully customizable via UBIKRootArea.xml.
  • 3.7.13 on 2020-07-07 Internal on DevOps
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes tapping on Aruco POIs is not recognized.
    • Fixed a crash caused by a XAML compatibility issue (introduced in the last build for the "fully customizable UBIKRootArea").
  • 3.7.14 on 2020-07-29
    • Fixed an issue where the client sometimes fails to unpack server deployed UI customizings. See known issues.
  • 3.7.15 on 2020-07-30 Internal on DevOps
    • Fixed an issue where online/linked documents in the gallery/flipview were not usable.
  • 3.7.16 on 2020-09-23 Internal on DevOps
    • Fixed an issue where the geo editor misbehaved for newly created objects (or those without original server values).
    • Fixed an issue where changes to geo property values were lost in offline/manual mode (after a restart of the app).
  • 3.7.17 on 2020-11-12 Internal on DevOps
    • Added CreateChildItemsCommand, to support uploading of multiple documents at once.
  • 3.7.18 on 2021-01-21 Store beta
    • The DeviceID is now unique and independent of network hardware changes.