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Version 3.6.1 Server

Version Release Date
3.6.1 2022.03.23


Initial Release

New features

  • UBIK protocols System Events as UBIK Objects now
    • UBIK provides the possibility to extend the existing mechanism and introduce customized System Events
    • Invalid Authentication attempts are documented as LOGIN_EVENTS now (System.Main.Base.LOGIN_EVENT)
  • UBIK Hotspotting supports the flattening of annotations into pdf revisions that are only available as external stream (e.g. Comos Revision Document provided via Comos RestAPI)
  • UBIK Hotspotting provides the possibility to add any custom AnnotationModifiers which are applied when flattening annotations to the pdf
    • e.g. Change the color of some/all annotations
    • e.g. Change/translate any free text annotations
    • e.g. Resize any annotations


  • Improvements when saving Interface Executions
  • The Proxy property UBIK_UID Property is filled after updating now
  • OAUTH2 Service Login derives from Service Login now
  • The orphaned Relation MetaClass "SYSREL_ADMINRIGHTS" is deleted now
  • Hotspotting.CreateRevision does create a thumbnail for created revision documents now
  • The implementation of the file based Comos Interface does support the new proxy linking technique now


  • Comos <-> UBIK Interface
    • The new CUI plugin provides some new features about synchronizing UBIK and COMOS Data
    • Registration: export COMOS properties as .xml files, import into UBIK
    • BulkRead: batch reading from COMOS with customized conflict checking on individual property, in order to synchronize COMOS and UBIK by specific need.
    • BulkWrite: characterize batch write to COMOS by individual right on single property with customized conflict checking on individual property
    • Creation of Comos Objects
    • Deletion of Comos Objects
    • Forward deletion of deleted Comos Objects to UBIK
    • Upload document: Upload UBIK document (any type of document) to COMOS
    • Download document: download revision Document from COMOS to UBIK
    • JIT access on Comos revision Document
    • Polling: automatic synchronize COMOS Data and Documents to UBIK based on a customized time interval
    • JIT interface execution delegation to Enterprise Server

Build History Web Service

  • 3.6.1 Build 13934 on 2022.03.23
    • Initial release.
  • 3.6.1 Build 14155 on 2022.06.09
    • A bug when downloading a broken file from the WebService is fixed now
    • Domain Logins do work now
    • Major performance boost when downloading objects with image properties (PngIconData)
    • Windows TraceLog is working properly on the WebServices now
    • Fixed an issue where UBIK.Service.FileReferenceData.Equals threw an exception.
    • Fixed a performance issue: downloading Infrastructure containing huge images is way more performant now

Build History UBIK.Studio

  • 3.6.1 Build 13934 on 2022.03.23
    • Initial release.
  • 3.6.1 Build 14155 on 2022.06.09
    • A bug in scoping the initial and default values for DateTime Properties is solved now.
    • Performance improvements when processing Replication - References
    • A problem with fully closing the UBIK.Studio task (kept alive as background task in some rare scenarios) is fixed now

Build History UBIK.Plugins

  • 3.6.1 Build 13934 on 2022.03.23
    • Initial release.
  • 3.6.1 Build 13944 on 2022.03.30
    • Bugfix in the Orchestration of UBIK.Interface.CUI
  • 3.6.1 Build 14155 on 2022.06.09
    • CUI - avoid Null Pointer Exception when result from REST API is null
    • CUI - filenames are provided with quotes to the REST API
    • CUI - improved processing of response in case of a WebRequest - error (with extended logging)
    • CUI - using Comos Working Overlays (creation and deletion of objects) runs into an exception => fixed