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Version 3.4 (WinX)


Initial Release

New features

  • It is now possible to render UBIK Content Objects in relation to multiple AR-Markers.
  • Free text search results (online & offline) can now be presented together.
  • Added visual feedbacks regarding the status and result of free text searches.


  • Users can now install the app package without first installing a self-signed certificate since it is now signed by a certificate issued by a trusted root CA (Comodo RSA Certification Authority). See additional notes for installing over existing UBIK® versions.
  • Obsolete/Deprecated Members in Developer Mode are now marked red and show their deprecation text as Tooltip, if existing
  • Converters in Developer Mode now display their resource key in addition to the type name


  • Fixed an issue where offline data cannot be loaded due to a localization issue (when saving timestamps into databases).

Known issues

  • Project specific resources defined in UBIKThemes might not take effect immediately after switching profiles. Restarting the app solves the problem.
  • If a device has multiple cameras of exactly the same model (e.g. Microsoft HD 3000), the wrong one might be used during remote support calls.
  • When using the UBIK contrast profile for OCR scanning, the app might crash especially if other marker scanning is also turned on.
  • If any character considered as illegal for Windows directories (e.g. /) is included in a profile's "Name" tag, UBIK will fail to load xamls and the UI will be messed up.

Additional notes

  • Because the new app package is signed by a new/different certificate, the app package signature has changed (from AugmensysGmbH.UBIK.UWP_yh5qx508sp704 to AugmensysGmbH.UBIK.UWP_fe7j2dq5d2q76).
    • If there is no existing UBIK® installation on the device, this change will not concern you;
    • If a previous version of UBIK® is already installed, you won't be able to update it to 3.4 or later versions. Instead, a clean installation is require (uninstall and then install). Before doing that, you might want to backup your local data as well as profiles (can be found under [AppInstallPath]\LocalState and [AppInstallPath]\RoamingState respectively).

Build History

  • 3.4.5 on 2018-12-10
    • Initial release.
  • 3.4.6 on 2018-12-10
    • Fixed an issue where the ProgressCircle control is sometimes cut off partially.
  • 3.4.10 on 2018-12-12
    • Fixed an issue where the filtered (using the CollecionToViewConverter) property lists are sometimes not updated.
    • Fixed a potential misbehavior of the search result dialog (when the web service does not provide online search capability).
  • 3.4.12 on 2019-01-11
    • Users can now customize whether the intermediate query dialog should show up or not when editing Guid properties. ("SkipQueryDialog" in UBIKThemes.xaml)
    • Fixed an issue where the app navigates to the wrong page after query-based Guid editing finishes if one starts the editing from a child item.
  • 3.4.13 on 2019-01-18
    • Changed selection highlighting of SfSunburstExt control.
    • Added new configuration property UBIKColorMemberPath for SfSunburstExt control to allow customization of Segment coloring through a property value.
    • Customizers can now decide whether redlined documents should be opened in details (by passing True to the StartRedliningCommand in XAML customizings).
  • 3.4.15 on 2019-02-25
    • Bugfix SfSunburstExt segment coloring.
    • Avoid crash on null content objects in SfSunburstExt.
  • 3.4.17 on 2019-03-05
    • Fixed an issue where file uploading fails sometimes.
  • 3.4.19 on 2019-03-11
    • In case multiple child picture types are configured, XAML customizers can now specify which one should be used for creation. (by adding the Guid of the wanted MetaClass as the CommandParameter of the CaptureMediaCommand)
  • 3.4.20 on 2019-03-19
    • Introduced a new filtering mechanism to smooth POIs placed far away from the related AR-Marker.
    • The Map in the upper right corner of the POI Page can now be hidden using the POIPageMapVisibility Variable in the UBIKThemes.