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Version 3.3 (WinX)


Initial Release

New features

  • A new control for viewing documents with 3D content was added. It allows basic pinch/zoom/selection actions with touch and mouse and currently supports .obj, .3ds and .stl formats, without textures. It is now the default document viewer for UBK documents with .obj extension, both in DetailsPage as well as DocumentsPage.
  • It is now possible to toggle the camera flashlight from all camera related pages (POI View, Scan View, etc.).
  • The Developer Mode has a search feature now and additionally displays declared Converters
  • AR-Markers can now be used with Windows-based devices
  • It is now possible to show Billboards in relation to AR-Markers.
  • The in-app PDF viewer now re-renders documents after zooming to provide better readability.


  • UBIK now actively clears out cached properties to reduce its memory footprint. See Fast Startup - Technical background for more details.
  • Further reduced the memory consumption for local content. (More properties are only loaded on demand.)
  • UBIK now requires far less memory during initialization and branch downloads.
  • It is now possible to customize the Elements of the Geo Edit Control and the Document Page Sidebar and Flyout.
  • Improved the usability of offline branch download by dividing an entire branch download task into several smaller ones.
  • Improved startup time of camera-related views (POI View, Scan View).
  • Improved browsing performance in developer mode.
  • Improved the file uploading mechanism (e.g. less web traffic, more reliable retries upon failures).
  • The property wizard will no longer get interrupted by the Guid property editor (when a user decides to further navigate to the Guid editing page)
  • Improved the default UI template for child items under data templates.


  • Fixed an issue, where the Annotate and Hotspotting button were enabled on non-classified documents.
  • Fixed an issue, where the FlipView was not updated once the content was loaded.
  • Fixed an issue, where no visual feedback was given when clicking on Child Items.
  • Fixed an issue where files are downloaded unnecessarily for documents being deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where ContentViewModel.EditPropertyValueCommand did not check a property's editability before allowing a user to edit it.
  • Fixed an issue where PropertyListViewModel.EditableItems previously incorrectly returned those that are defined uneditable by user rights. (Existing Xaml customizings will need to be adapted for this.)
  • Fixed an issue where bindings using ContentViewModel.PropertyItems sometimes are not properly refreshed.
  • Fixed an issue, where the mouse wheel zooming in the Map behaved inconsistent.
  • Fixed an issue, where the Demo Locations Setting was not persisted properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the app could not detect certain changes in meta definitions. (MetaProperty.DefaultValues and MetaProperty.InitialValues)
  • Fixed an issue where the first property edit after reverting local changes does not work.

Known issues

  • Project specific resources defined in UBIKThemes might not take effect immediately after switching profiles. Restarting the app solves the problem.
  • If a device has multiple cameras of exactly the same model (e.g. Microsoft HD 3000), the wrong one might be used during remote support calls.
  • When using the UBIK contrast profile for OCR scanning, the app might crash especially if other marker scanning is also turned on.

Additional notes

  • Starting from this release, we are changing our versioning to comply with the Microsoft UWP convention. The old scheme 3.2.0.X, in which X is used as the build number, is now replaced by a new one 3.3.X. For users, there is no noticeable difference during the installation or the usage of the client except the displayed version number text.

Build History

  • 3.3.1 on 2018-10-24
    • Initial release.
  • 3.3.2 on 2018-10-30
    • Fixed an issue where the OK button in the double editor is sometimes not properly enabled/disabled.
  • 3.3.3 on 2018-11-14
    • Fixed a potential deadlock during offline branch downloads. (The symptom of this was that the database saving symbol kept blinking and the download never stopped.)
    • Removed the restriction on property editors' width.
  • 3.3.6 on 2018-11-23
    • Fixed TargetHeight and TargetWidth property for serialized Hotspotting information
    • Fixed an issue where the app’s general performance degrades as the user browses to pages with filtered lists (using the CollectionToViewConverter in Xaml).
      • BREAKING CHANGE IN XAML: For a fully refreshing handle to the filtered list, please bind to the converter's View.Self property now (instead of View)
  • 3.3.7 on 2018-12-05
    • Improved the stability of the app when using the UBIK contrast profile for OCR scanning.
  • 3.3.11 on 2018-12-10
    • Fixed an issue where the property based content filtering does not correctly refresh the page.