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Version 2.5 (Web)

Version Release date
2.5.1 Acceptance pending




  • Configurable for UBIK web services starting from version 2.5
  • Customizable design via css: edit layout and colors of the web client
  • Configurable UI images: e.g. customizable welcome image and menu icons
  • Localizable UI texts: provide differen languages for the web client menus, titles and buttons
  • Login Page: the user can directly login to a preconfigured web service
  • Manageable information document links with or without user login: provide weather forecasts or the menu of the day for the users, managed with the UBIK system
  • Navigation history bar: users can recall already visited places in the UBIK data navigation history

Content Browser

  • Navigate through the UBIK content: browse through the content and documents
  • Content icons: show icons of UBIK objects in a configurable size
  • Tasks: Finish and confirm work tasks
  • Value Reporting: Report and validate values
  • Status colors: Display the status of items via staus colors
  • Progress reporting: Report working progress with one click
  • Editable Queries: Perform queries on the UBIK data and edit the search criteria. These will be stored for the session everytime the query is executed.
  • Preview for number of child elements: Show how many child elements are on the next level.
  • Content creation: Creation of new content in the UBIK databse.
  • Document creation: Creation of Photos, Videos, etc. via uploading from the web browser.

Document Browser

  • Thumbnail list
  • Upload and download of documents
  • Editing document properties
  • Upload of redlining documents
  • Configurable sub-documents preview: show thumbnails of docuemnts together with the redlining documents behind.

Property List/Editor

  • Editors for all UBIK datatypes
  • Validation of user input
  • Configurable as instant editor or as read-only property list first: The administrator can decide if the user will be instantly lead to property eding or show properties as a read-only list first.