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Version 2.5 (Android)

Version UBIK® Android Demo UBIK® Android Standard
2.5.0 2015.11.17 2015.11.17
2.5.1 2015.11.20 2015.11.20
2.5.2 2016.01.27 2016.01.27
2.5.3 2016.04.01 2016.04.01
2.5.4 2016.07.21 on demand
2.5.5 2017.02.09 on demand


New features

UI Design (miscellaneous)

  • Several font and UI element dimensions were adapted slightly.
  • In the title of editor dialogs, now the name of the respective object is shown instead of the description.

Content Browser

  • The content browser's individual tabs are now only shown if necessary.
  • The ChildrenInformationClassification/DocumentOwnerClassification has been extended so it also brings along the non-document children count. The dynamic content browser tabs react according to that information.
  • The property list was redesigned.
  • All content object lists were redesigned.


  • The commissioning design was improved.
  • Improved the "finish commissioning workpackage" behaviour so the task editor pop-ups are shown in the same order as the tasks in the list.

Live Values

  • Frequently updated "live value" properties are now available

Context sensitive actions

  • The support button in the context menu is available for the Demo app.
  • Geo-information of objects can now be used for positioning, using a context sensitive action.
  • Objects can now be discarded locally, deleted on the server or reverted to the last known version from the server, using context sensitive actions.

Accounts and Settings

  • All settings are user-specific and completely accessible before/after login.
  • Advanced server-side account configuration (accounts, settings and shared presets plus restriction) is now available.

Object Search & Marker Scanning

  • Finding UBIK objects by OCR scanning (optical text recognition) is now supported.
  • Geo-information of nearby objects can now be used for positioning, using marker scanning.
  • Depending on a new setting "ExpectSingleSearchResult", a single search results will be opened in the Content Browser directly instead of being displayed in the result list.

Augmented Reality and Maps

  • Google Maps has been replaced by Open Street Maps (OSM) as a technical basis for the map view. This means no Google Play Services are required anymore.
  • For both the map as well as the AR views, building levels are now supported.
  • The ID-marker scan button was removed from the AR view.



  • The update action doesn't overwrite any local changes anymore, thus preventing the unintended loss of data.
  • Cleaned up the sync event related implementation for further development.
  • Batch synchronization is now implemented correctly.

Programmatic Customizability

  • The former complicated entry points for Map and AR features were refactored for clarity.
  • The list components in the content browser can now be easily replaced programmatically by project specific derivates.
  • Context aware actions such as redlining, editing documents can now be easily reused in code.


  • A bug where objects were filtered from the map view when showing a specific content was fixed.
  • If the required sensors for AR features are not available on a device, a notification is shown instead of an app crash.
  • An issue where objects weren't found after scanning QR codes was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Getac Z710 barcode scanner crashed after rotating the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Getac Z710 barcode scanner crashed on non-Demo apps.
  • An issue where child objects weren't committed automatically was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the attempt to remove a child from a not existing parent resulted in an error.
  • The login activity now uses the correct layout when switching between landscape and portrait mode.
  • An issue where the navigation drawer showed the wrong activity as selected was fixed.
  • An issue where live value updates happened unnecessarily was fixed.
  • An issue where the AR view's billboards were flickering was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the app crashes when scanning markers while the AR config file is invalid.
  • Disabled the AR navigation button in every AR view, so a crash is prevented.
  • Fixed an issue where the app might crash during marker scanning.
  • A bug where an object search (e.g. for qr code scanning) retrieved wrong results was fixed.
  • A bug where the current building level wasn't detected when showing an object in the map/AR view was fixed.
  • An issue where leaving a building required too many clicks was fixed.
  • A bug where the building level controls weren't displayed after switching from Map to AR Navigation was fixed.
  • Commissioning tasks are now not classified as tasks anymore. This fixes a bug where commissioning tasks couldn't be finished/reset using a respective button in the property list.
  • A bug where the infrastructure list was updated needlessly often was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where an authentication error wasn't solved efficiently.
  • A bug where discarded objects weren't reloaded with the next sync was fixed.
  • Successful commits weren't displayed to the user - now, a toast is shown.
  • An issue where a remembered password was used even when a different one was specified was fixed.
  • An issue where the default setting restriction for the UBIK Account Configuration wasn't applied correctly was fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the positioning service crashed when setting a wrong manual location using a geo object.
  • Fixed an issue where UBIK does not retry if a document fails to be downloaded during a push popup.
  • Corrected the border color for properties that are changed and out of range.
  • An issue where the child list didn't show all objects was fixed.
  • An issue where the app crashed when a file couldn't be selected was fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the app crashed after redlining.
  • Fixed a bug where some document objects weren't shown on the client.
  • An issue where a click listener triggered the wrong checkbox was fixed.
  • A bug where the app crashed when trying to load a preset in combination with an account configuration provided by the server was fixed.
  • An issue where the app crashed when trying to select a preset for an unkown user in combination with an account configuration was fixed.
  • An issue where "null" is displayed in the live value detail dialog when the unit is null was fixed.
  • An issue where a navigation drawer item opened the wrong intent was fixed.
  • An issue where a ground overlay wasn't shown initially was fixed.
  • The OSM map view now doesn't misleadingly provide multiple map type choices anymore (until they are available).
  • Fixed an issue where the app might be switched to offline anyway if the user tries to switch to an online mode during offline preparations.
  • Fixed an issue where offline preparations might not start when the app is already in offline mode.
  • Fixed an issue where opening POI view crashes UBIK.Standard.
IC Hint square.pngSome of these bugs appeared during development of 2.5.0, others were bugs from previous versions. The complete list is displayed for transparency reasons nonetheless (and because it's not always clear whether a bug is new or just wasn't noticed yet).

Known Issues

  • For Android versions prior to 4.4.2, clicking the logo might not show the navigation drawer in some cases. However, the drawer can still be slided open from the left edge of the screen.
  • When zooming into the map view very deep before any map tiles can be loaded, there are no tiles shown at all. Workaround: zoom out until tiles are laoded and then zoom back in again - or configure a map overlay.
  • The Safety Check feature doesn't work correctly in 2.5.0; this issue is fixed in version 2.5.1.
IC Hint square.pngThis version supports Android 5 (Lollipop), but the minimum Android version is 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich).


New features

  • UBIK can now display different server configured status icons for objects.
  • The status icon in the Action Bar is now displayed as an overlay on the content icon.
  • Certificates can now be imported automatically on start-up from a predefined folder: <sd-card>/Android/data/com.augmensys.ubik.<custom_app>/files/cert
  • A list of installed certificates (showing the subject and expiry date) can now be accessed using a button in the Info activity.
  • Most AR/ARNavigation buttons have been moved to the Action Bar.


  • The action bar can now be arranged and customized easier, programmatically. Also some actually non-context-sensitive actions were moved to the action bar (from the context sensitive action bar).


  • The Safety Check feature works again.
  • Fixed an issue where the commissioning checks' editing dialogs are not shown in order when trying to finish work packages after rotating a device.
  • Fixed an issue where the checkboxes of commissioning checks are not clickable.
  • Fixed an issue where the app might crash when finishing a commissioning work package with a large number (e.g. 40) of child checks.


New features

  • Objects can now be locked by classification, so the user can only edit them after scanning a marker identifying it (See UBIK Client Basics for details).
  • System update synchronization now happens more reliably (meta data and infrastructure objects).
  • The Content Browser's commit button now covers both the current object and its children in order to be more consistent and intuitive.
  • The commissioning work package control texts have been adjusted to reflect the actual behaviour more closely.
  • The support action intent's target and type can now be configured.
  • Commissioning tasks can now be marked as not applicable during finishing work packages.
  • New Teach-In context actions for marker values are now available (QR, Barcode, RFID)
  • Objects in the POI view can now be filtered by layers.
  • The status overlay in the action bar as well as the size of action items and details in the commissioning UI were improved visually.
  • A more centralized style and theme management was implemented and tested.
  • All UI configurations have been unified so there are multiple configuration levels and a standardized folder structure.



  • A bug where the infrastructure wasn't loaded in certain situations was fixed.
  • An issue where the offline mode preparation dialog didn't show texts for objects without description was fixed.
  • A bug where automatically committing newly created content objects didn't succeed was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where editor dialogs are dismissed and any user inputs are lost after rotating devices.
  • Fixed an issue where commissioning work packages with certain status values are not recognized/handled correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the selective lists in editors are misplaced on Getac Z710.
  • An issue where deleted content leads to a crash when Teach-In actions are evaluated was fixed.
  • An issue where a misleading error message was shown when an offline login attempt failed was fixed.
  • An issue regarding the account data synchronization that endangers the app's stability was fixed.
  • The content icons are not blurry anymore on the Getac Z710 rugged tablet.
  • A bug where the app crashed when refreshing the background image was fixed.
  • An issue where map overlays weren't shown correctly was fixed.


New Features

  • For the POI view and the AR Navigation view, the Metaio SDK has been replaced by a more stable implementation by Augmensys.
  • In-view UBIK® QR/LLA marker scanning is now available in the POI view and the AR Navigation view.
  • For the sorting of objects by distance in the content browser, the building level index is now also taken into account.
  • The POI view now contains an action bar button for switching to the Map view.
  • The augmented reality view now provides an indicator showing the user if LLA only mode or any other positioning mode is currently active.
  • The billboard size (now smaller) and texture resolution (now higher) in AR views was adjusted compared to earlier builds of this revision.
  • Now there is a navigation drawer menu item "AR" that allows direct access to the Map and POI view. Also, the redundant AR Navigation context action in the Geo actions group was removed.


  • The marker scanning and object finding architecture was refactored to allow easier programmatic customizing. Processing markers and search results is now centralized as well.
  • The POI view handles changes for single objects more efficiently now.


  • Multiple Metaio-related bugs disappeared by removing the Metaio SDK from the POI (and AR Navigation) view:
    • The POI view doesn't crash anymore with Android 5.
    • The POI view doesn't crash anymore when attempting to navigate to another object.
    • The POI view doesn't crash anymore when a 3rd party QR code scanner is launched.
    • The navigation drawer can be used normally within the POI view.
  • The 65K method limit compilation bug is now handled in an acceptable manner (not influencing the app behaviour).
  • Fixed an issue where the layer filter didn't work in the POI view.
  • The camera stream used for AR views is not distorted anymore on Getac Z710 devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the Getac Z710's barcode scanner produced a humming sound even when scanning is inactive.
  • The altitude offset setting (Demo) is now used again in the POI view.
  • The current altitude setting (Demo) is now used again for LLA markers.
  • An issue where the current POI group sometimes wasn't remembered correctly was fixed.
  • Prevented a crash when the Getac Z710 barcode scanner is started multiple times because the UI reacts slowly.
  • An issue where the start menu navigation item in the navigation drawer wasn't highlighted correctly is now fixed.
  • A potential crash when a closed activity received updates is now prevented.


New features

  • The map view now remembers the last zoom depth and position. Also, there are settings for the default zoom position and depth now.
  • Satellite view is now available when using OpenStreetMap.
  • The Demo version now has a new UI concept. Furthermore some general UI improvements were done.
  • The design of some UI parts (status indicator, document item, login button, AR dialog) is now improved.
  • Building levels can now also be configured as top-level elements without a building object as container.
  • It is now possible to use custom fonts in UBIK Android.
  • When trying to edit a locked object, an information dialog is shown instead of a toast now. Further, the compass correction action item is always visible in the AR view.
  • The Content Distance Filter Threshold setting now influences the scaling of billboards in the AR view.


  • Further improvements for easier change of UI colors (for branding purpose) were implemented.


  • Fixed a memory leak in the map view.
  • Improved button placements in the login dialog so they won't be hidden by the virtual keyboard.
  • A bug where the distance calculation in the AR Navigation sometimes showes wrong numbers was fixed.
  • A bug where the location of an object wasn't used for positioning as soon as possible, but instead delayed, was fixed.
  • An issue where a single found search result was opened in multiple content browser instances was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the last map location is sometimes lost.
  • A bug where the padding for content names was not applied on Getac devices was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where scanning QR codes could lead to a crash.
  • A bug where content icons where represented too small in the map was fixed.
  • A bug where the correct compass heading couldn't be applied to a position update when scanning a geo-object QR tag was fixed.
  • An issue where the description of a document wasn't displayed in a certain case was fixed.


New features

  • The map is now able to display a new type of objects - Geographies.
  • A new positioning mode iBeacon Proximity Positioning is available.
  • It is now possible to define beacon configurations (for both proximity and trilateration positioning) on the server.
  • The map now uses Info windows instead of dialogs for displaying POI details.



  • A bug where action bar icons in the settings where overlapping was fixed.
  • A bug where an orientation change while the BASF status dialog was shown led to a crash was fixed.
  • A bug where the last known position was restored as a manual position within the positioning service was fixed.
  • A bug where the location indicator of the map view was overlayed by markers was fixed.
  • A bug where the DESCR and NAME property were used as Display Strings if they were configured as null or empty was fixed.
  • A bug where already colored custom start menu icons were colored programatically again was fixed.
  • A bug where not all beacon definitions were forwarded to the positioning service was fixed.
  • A bug where dropdown lists where not opened once the Norton App Locker was installed on the device was fixed.
  • A bug where the app crashed on devices without compass sensor was fixed.
  • A bug, where loading big bytestreams from the local database took minutes, was fixed.