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Version 1.0 (Xamarin.Android)

Release notes

Initial release (1.0) of the Xamarin.Android app.

  • It's available in the Google Play Store (link).
  • If subscribed in our App Center distribution channel, you can also download through email notifications.

Build history

  • 1.0.69 on 2019-10-21
    • Initial release.
  • 1.0.71 on 2019-10-28
  • 1.0.72 on 2019-10-29
    • Improved the stability of the client;
    • In case of errors in XAML customizings, the client now provides more useful information (e.g. name of the customizing, line number, error) for easy trouble-shooting;
    • Fixed an issue where lists were often missing an item (the first one) after applying filters.
  • 1.0.73 on 2019-11-04
    • Fixed an issue where importing customizings didn't work on some devices;
    • Fixed an issue where content filtering stopped working on the root page after navigating back.
  • 1.0.74 on 2019-11-13
    • Fixed an issue where the configurable content filtering sometimes stops working.
  • 1.0.76 on 2020-03-23
  • 1.0.78 on 2020-06-02
    • Added Device ID to settings, fixed Device ID on Android 8+
  • 1.0.79 on 2020-06-03
    • Minor fixes in the settings page
  • 1.0.80 on 2020-07-01
    • Fixed Device ID for Android 10+, removed need for READ_PHONE_STATE permission
  • 1.0.85 on 2020-09-02
    • The app can now be opened via an external link starting with com.augmensys.ubik:// (Intent-link)

Known issues

  • Branch download might be paused if the device goes into sleep mode without a power source attached and will only resume if the device screen is unlocked again. We are aware of this issue and will improve it in the future versions.
  • When editing the value of a double property in landscape mode characters other then numbers are not displayed but still remain in the string.


Some basic information to get you started on the XAML customizing topic.

To stop the re-evaluation of not needed filters, the SfDataSourceExt has a Property "Unloaded" which stops the filtering if set to true. For details see: [1]. This increases the performance of filtered lists.