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Task Objects (UBIK Android)

A task is a certain classified UBIK® object which poses an overall status (Finished / Open). A task is considered as finished if all the dedicated properties are validated. Otherwise, it is considered as open.

IC Attention.pngA property is validated as soon as the user confirms the editing, e.g. through the OK in a property editor. This has nothing to do with the property value, meaning a property can be validated even if its value is null.

UI for task objects

 UI Representation of Task Objects
UI Representation of Task Objects

In addition to the basic descriptive text and icon, a Checkbox is displayed for every task object. And the checked/unchecked state corresponds to the finish/open status of tasks.

When a user clicks on the Checkbox of a task, UBIK® proceeds to either finish the task or reset the task depending on its current status.

When a user clicks on the remaining parts of a task, e.g. the descriptive text, UBIK® proceeds to display all its properties in a Content Browser.

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