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Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions
Safety Instructions

In certain use cases, the user should receive safety instructions before an object is opened in the Content Browser.

For example, imagine some objects in the data model represent work packages, describing tasks to be done in predictive maintenance. If some of these work packages require the user to confirm safety instructions before their tasks can be worked on, this feature provides showing a list of documents the user has to read and confirm before the work package can be opened in the Content Browser.


Whenever a user tries to open a safety relevant object in the Content Browser, a safety check dialog will be shown. This dialog shows all safety documents that must be read before proceeding.

The instructions can be confirmed with the button at the bottom of the dialog. Once confirmed, the object is opened (and underlying children as well as properties can be modified if not prohibited otherwise). This check doesn't appear again if the user already confirmed the checks (except if the property storing that information was changed).

It does not matter where the attempt to open a safety relevant object in the Content Browser came from (e.g. QR marker scan result or an AR view).

IC Hint square.pngThe safety instructions dialog is only opened before a respectively classified object is shown in the Content Browser.
This means: For example if a task is classified, editing it from its parent's children list view will not be intercepted. In this case you should classify the parent object instead.
Also, this feature doesn't intercept editing an object per se. For example in case any other methods for editing an object are used, without opening it or its parent object in the Content Browser first, no safety instructions would be shown.

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