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IC CLASSIFICATION.gif Trilateration Beacon Classification
Inheritance Geo Classification
Namespace System.Classification.Geo
ID {D5D3E4A2-F6C1-4B17-AF25-CE579B3FFDEC}
Purpose Classify objects as Trilateration Beacon
Version 2.5.3+

Trilateration Beacons are used to determine the location based on the UBIK iBeacon trilaterion feature. For the Beacon Trilateration positioning mechanism to work, objects have to be in the Infrastructure.


Name Data type Comment
GEO Geographic Coordinate The coordinates (location) of the beacon. Keep in mind that also the altitude has to be configured. The positioning mode uses the difference of the beacon altitude and the reference altitude.
UUID String Part of the threepart beacon identifier. The UUID has to match the UUID value of the physical beacon.
MAJOR Integer Part of the threepart beacon identifier. Major has to match the major value of the physical beacon.
MINOR Integer Part of the threepart beacon identifier. Minor has to match the minor value of the physical beacon.
PROPAGATION_FACTOR Double Factor that describes the power loss of the beacon signal over distance. In general a higher factor leads to shorter distance calculations for the same received signal strength.

Recommended Values:

  • Residential Environment: 28
  • Office Environment: 30
  • Commercial Environment: 22

The recommended values should be improved on-site.

TRANS_POWER Integer Transmission power of the beacon in dBm.
REFERENCE_LOCATION Guid UID of the Reference location object used as reference for the local coordinate system

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