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IC CLASSIFICATION.gif Status color classification
Inheritance -
Namespace System.Classification.Status
ID {1e84cf6c-cf6d-49b7-8eaf-c013cb384dc5}
Purpose Classify objects for status color
Version 2+

Display a status LED (small graphical icon) next to the description in the object list. The color is connected to the property's value and related to the client's color scheme.

If this classification is used in combination with SYSCLS VALUEREPORTING a progress status color, depending on the reported value, will be displayed. The colors are

  • white, if value = 0%
  • yellow, if value > 0% and < 100%
  • green, if value = 100%


Name Data type Comment
STATUSCOLOR Integer Numeric color code in ARGB Format

The integer value of the configured color is expected in ARGB (Alpha, Red, Green, Blue). See https://learn.microsoft.com/de-de/dotnet/api/system.drawing.color.fromargb?view=net-7.0 for details.

You can use an Online Color Generator like https://argb-int-calculator.netlify.app/ to get your preferred color.