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IC CLASSIFICATION.gif Map Overlay Classification
Namespace System.Classification.Map
ID {27A2455F-FF10-4F36-9C30-1C4E2E6F0661}
Purpose Classify objects as a Map Overlay object
Version 2.4.4+

Classifies an object as map overlay.

Map Overlays (also called "Ground Overlay" in Google Developer Environment) are used to extend the Basemap (Satellite Image, Google Maps). The overlays are images that are tied to latitude/longitude coordinates, so they move when the map is dragged or zoomed.


Name Data type Comment
LOCATION_CENTER Geographic Coordinate Specifies the location of the overlay's center
WIDTH_METERS Double Specifies the width of the overlay in meters
ROTATION_CLOCKWISE_DEGREES Double Specifies the bearing (rotation) of the overlay in degrees
Z_LEVEL Integer Determines the order in which the overlay will be drawn in relation to other overlays. Overlays with a higher z-index are drawn on top of those with lower z-indexes. The order of overlays with the same z-index is arbitrary.
FILETYPE String Specifies the file type