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IC CLASSIFICATION.gif Geography Line Classification
Inheritance GeographyClassification
Namespace System.Classification.Geo
ID {5741F190-AF37-4C17-9EBE-0103BBF21635}
Purpose Classify objects as Geography object of type Line
Version 2.5.2+

Line geography objects are painted as geometries when being displayed on 2D Maps.


Name Data type Comment
POINTS Geography The geography object as list of geo coordinates
LINECOLOR Integer Color of the line
LINEWIDTH Integer Width of the line
LINETYPE Integer Type of the line (solid line: 0, dash line: 1, ...)
Z_LEVEL Integer Determines the order in which the overlay will be drawn in relation to other overlays. Overlays with a higher z-index are drawn on top of those with lower z-indexes. The order of overlays with the same z-index is arbitrary.