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February 2024

  • Prefilter Objects with the same QR code.
  • Access To An Arbitrary Object in UI.
  • Indicator for Uncommitted Changes.
  • Xamarin Customizable Visibility of appbar Menu Button.
  • SSO: Automatic JWKS renewal for OIDC.
  • WinX SSO Login.
  • WinX Various improvements to PDF Annotations.
  • Better UI Performance when Accessing Single Properties.
  • Productization of MaTaP Features.
  • Improvements in CUI Orchestration.
  • Hide unconfigured Live Value Properties.
  • DB concurrency stabilized, deadlock prevention.
  • DB performance improvement, adding indexes.
  • Improvements in the Comos MetaData SmartImport.

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April 2024

  • Productization of MaTaP Features (Server Part 2 / MaTaP Desktop Client Basic).
  • CUI Configurable object amount for processing notifications.
  • CUI Comos Min / Max values available in UBIK Clients.
  • Control of the license access.
  • WinX Support Bing Maps Road for UWP

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July 2024

  • Productization of MaTaP Features (Server Part 3 / MaTaP Desktop Client Part 2).
  • Improved Online Query
  • iOS OIDC for iOS
  • Optimized RAM Consumption on the Server
  • Automatic adaption of human-readable database views.
  • CUI Improvements of the CUI Interface

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October 2024

  • Productization of MaTaP Features (Server Part 4 / MaTaP Desktop Client Part 3).
  • Improved Offline Mode

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