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Release 2.3.4

Release Date UBIK® Server: 2014.??.??

Release Date UBIK® Android: 2014.08.06

Updates for UBIK® Server

There is no Version 2.3.4 available for UBIK.Server.

Updates for UBIK® Android Client

New features

  • The synchronization error handling now uses Android Notifications instead of annoying dialogs.
  • As a default solution, Selective Lists are now sorted by their value.


  • A bug occuring for a special case of committing new objects was fixed.



Known Issues

  • The Dialog of the Content Browser closes without saving the values by rotating the device
  • Offline Authentication is not possible in a WIFI nework without an Internet connection
  • Sometimes, the POI View crashes when you click at a billboard, then click on the "navigate to" button and then cancel this action
  • Sometimes the AR Nav doesn't react after scanning an LLA Marker
  • Sometimes the AR Navigation crashes after changing the name of one target object
  • Changes to Files are Lost when Redline/Edit Documents with certain 3rd party Applications
  • The Finish Dialog for Offline Preparation looks like an Error Message BoxVersion