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Release 2.2.0

Release Date: 2013.11.07

Updates for UBIK® Server

New features

  • The Customizing Version is related to the UBIK Kernel Version now. This gives the possibility to use UBIK Clients having different Kernel Versions side by side.
  • A new Property Type (Encrypted Text) is supported now. Properties with this type can be used to store text that may not be readable by humans.
  • Password protected text values are supported now.
  • Passwords for Logins can now easily be maintained by editing the data on the corresponding Login object.
  • New structures for UBIK Session and Mobile UBIK Session were implemented.
  • The validation Timestamp for properties can easily be edited via the UBIK View now.
  • UBIK Queries provide a function to evaluate their recordcount now - this mechanism can be used even before loading the set of objects.
  • The UI Language in UBIK.Studio can be swiched independent from the database language by selecting 'View/Language/<Language>' in the main menu now.
  • A mechanism to to test all provided workflows in the database will help to avoid customizing errors.
  • Pressing 'Save All'(or the shortcut 'Ctrl+S') in the UBIK.Studio main menu now refreshes the save state of opened controls.
  • Validity Borders of property values are now visualized in the Studio UI. The bulk editor and also the test view environment now show warnings and/errors due to a violation of validity borders or exceeding the warning range.
  • Languages can now be edited directly in the Database Manager Languages Tab.
  • Application Services (Ubik Session Application Management) which gives access to all necessary authentication data and centralizes the management of authentications for a set of data services are available now.

New workflow activities

Performance improvements

  • Optimized database access when accessing relation data will reduce database statements and will result in general performance improvements.
  • Restructured WebServices will deliver data to the clients more efficient now. This will result in a performance improvement when browsing through UBIK data.
  • The maximum allowed size of a document that can be uploaded on the UBIK Web Service can be configured now.
  • Advanced checks for Naming conventions of UBIK Objects (e.g. MetaProperty) were improved.

Bugfixes for UBIK® Server

  • Persisted MetaDefinitions are capable to serve clients using different data languages now
  • Improved checking mechanism ensure that released MetaClasses and released MetaProperties may not be deleted any more
  • Fixed indentation issues of coding component
  • Workflows using custom datatypes can now be used in other databases. However, it has to be ensured that these types are also implemented in the target system.
  • UBIK.Studio Bulk Editor: Manual resizing of rows in the data grid has been fixed.
  • UBIK.Studio Bulk Editor: The sorting of columns in tb bulk editor work as expected now.
  • UBIK.Studio Relation Editor: Removed 'Delete' from context menu as it has no effect or at least should not be used in this place.

Updates for UBIK® Android Client

  • New Android UI optimized for readability and simplicity
  • Hierarchy Bar for Fast Navigation Between Objects
  • Separated Logo and Home Buttons
  • Improved (Less Confusing) Empty Indicators for Lists
  • Support for Portuguese and Turkish Locales
  • Loading and Saving of Setting Profiles aka "PreSets"
  • Correction for Magnetic Declination in AR Navigation
  • Additional Navigation Data (Maps Overlays, Spatialite DBs) for the Demo Application
  • Performance Improvements related to the Initial Loading, the Offline Mode and Database Usage in generalVersion