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Release 2.1.16

Release Date: 2013.08.16

Updates for UBIK® Server

  • UBIK supports Import / Export Proxy objects now. These proxy objects will build the basement for complex interface mechanism.
  • Possibility to configure the visibility and the order of the properties (for the mobile client) via the ACM on the Scope.
  • Possibility to configure the Background image and the icon used for the main screen on the mobile client can be configured via the ACM on the applicatoin and context.
  • Language Management: Ubik supports the use of up to 10 database languages. The languages can be maintained via the database maintenance window.

New workflow activities

Bugfixes (since Build 29)

  • A problem in the handling of new created instances in the UBIK Kernel could lead to the situation that new created instances caused the web Service to misbehave and deliver inconsistent data. This problem is solved now.
  • No Database structures will be created for Abstract Metaclasses when compiling the system
  • Small adaptions in th bulk- and in the relation editor editor to avoid timing problems

Updates for UBIK® Android Client

  • Last Sync Action always runs ASAP. This will improve the update performance experienced by the user a lot.
  • Centralized Location Management and AR/Maps Location Update Enhancement
  • Showing the User’s Account Name on the Logout Button
  • AR Navigation Enhancement – better Stability and Usability
  • Customized Logo and Background Image
  • Aiding User in Content Creation
  • Configurable Invisible Properties
  • Disable Delete Button on empty Values
  • Cancel Button for Object Creation
  • Automatic Event Creation for “Not OK” Tasks (this feature is only available for certain projects)
  • Improving the look of a checkbox (much bigger now)
  • Support Line Break (<Enter> Key) for Text Properties
  • Display Current Object’s Icon as Logo in ActionBar
  • Capitalize First Letters for Text Input in String Editors

UBIK® Modules


32bit and 64bit Version of UBIK® Studio for administrating the UBIK Data. Documentation of the UBIK.Kernel included.


UBIK® Android client for accessing UBIK Data optimized for presenting issues


Standard UBIK® Android client for accessing UBIK Data


UBIK® Webservice (64 bit) => ready for installation on an IIS


UBIK® Release – Database containing all the necessary database structures for supporting all the features of the current UBIK Version. This database is the basement for every new UBIK project. This database is prepared for a semi-automatic update to the next version(s).

UBIK Interface Toolkit

Basement for Importing/Exporting data via XML - InterfacesVersion