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Release 2.1.15

Release Date: 2013.07.15

Updates for UBIK® Server

Support the user to increase data integrity

  • The System guarantees/checks that there aren't severall MetaProperties with the same name on a single MetaClass
  • Improved data integrity checks before allowing to change the Inheritance of a MetaClass
  • Lock specific data on a MetaProperty once it is used on a Released MetaClass
  • Lock Name and Type of a MetaProperty once it is used on a MetaClass
  • Improved recompiling of MetaClasses once one of its MetaProperties was edited

Support of Windows Azure Cloud Services

  • The customizing can be deployed to the Windows Azure cloud in addition to deploying to an UNC path.

Localization of System Content

  • System objects provided by the UBIK System Kernel show up localized now.

New workflow activities