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Release 2.1.14

Release Date: 2013.06.08

Updates for UBIK® Server

Possibility to mark a ACM – ContextScope with a classification.

Classifications can be linked to the scope directly now. It is possible to classify a MetaDefinition object delivered from a scope without having the need to classify the MetaClass behing.

Version - Security – Management

  • Information about the minimum required UBIK Version to access the database as well as a compatibility flag in UBIK.Studio will help to avoid data access with invalid UBIK Versions
  • Enhanced UBIK – Connection dialog
  • UBIK Settings dialog

Improved UI for Workflows

  • New wizards for selecting Metaproperties
  • Individual icons for every workflow
  • Improved wizards for selecting objects
  • Improved wizards for selecting a content list

Metaclass – Release functionality

  • A new “Release state” control is available now
  • UI support for switching MetaClass from sandbox – mode to live mode and vice versa
  • First view information about the release status of a MetaClass

Basement - features

  • Similar names for Metaclasses are possible
  • Improved naming conventions and security checks
  • Value validation borders are supported
  • Provide the possibility to define sort criteria for content objects
  • The Web Services are fully downward compatible now

Updates for UBIK® Android Client

Enhanced Maps Features.

  • Geographic content can be grouped into different layers that can be hidden or shown on the Maps view.

Offline Functionality.

  • Offline data can be acquired selectively.
  • The status of work packages (all tasks are done / open tasks exist) is shown on the mobile application based on locally available data.
  • On the Maps view, the geographic target of a work package is shown using a symbol indicating its status.
  • The validity of measurement values is checked automatically.

Proof of Concept: Augmented Reality Navigation.

  • Virtual 3D arrows guiding the user to a target location are shown on the camera's live image.
  • Distance and turn direction data is displayed as the user moves through the area.

Bigger Font Sizes ensure better Readability on High-Density Displays.

The size of fonts is optimized for usage on tablets.

UBIK® Modules


32bit and 64bit Version of UBIK® Studio for administrating the UBIK Data. Documentation of the UBIK.Kernel included.


UBIK® Android client for accessing UBIK Data optimized for presenting issues


Standard UBIK® Android client for accessing UBIK Data


UBIK® Webservice (64 bit) => ready for installation on an IIS


UBIK® Release – Database containing all the necessary database structures for supporting all the features of the current UBIK Version. This database is the basement for every new UBIK project. This database is prepared for a semi-automatic update to the next version(s).

UBIK Interface Toolkit

Basement for Importing/Exporting data via XML - InterfacesVersion