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Release 2.1.13

Releasedate: 2013.04.09

Updates for UBIK® Server

MetaClass compilation

  • Fully support of Engineering/Testing and Releasing when compiling the customizing
  • Improved feedback when compiling the table structure.
  • Possibility to compile customized System Metaclasses

Optimized Web Service

  • Downward compatible Service Version Structure

Service Queries over Web Service

  • A Query as dynamic hierarchy item may now be used as content objects in a view
  • Queries build the basement for internal system scans (like barcode scanning)

Updates for UBIK® Android Client

Thumbnail images for documents

  • The WebService delivers Thumbnails for documents which are displayed on the documents view.

Redlining of doucuments

  • The Android Client provides functionality for redlining of documents


  • Full support of Serverside data Queries in the UI

UBIK® Modules


32bit and 64bit Version of UBIK® Studio for administrating the UBIK Data. Documentation of the UBIK.Kernel included.


UBIK® Android client for accessing UBIK Data optimized for presenting issues


Standard UBIK® Android client for accessing UBIK Data


UBIK® Webservice (64 bit) => ready for installation on an IIS


UBIK® Release – Database containing all the necessary database structures for supporting all the features of the current UBIK Version. This database is the basement for every new UBIK project. This database is prepared for a semi-automatic update to the next version(s).Version