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A MetaProxyProperty is used to define the import / export characteristics for data written to or read from UBIK® objects. For each MetaProperty of a MetaClass, participating in the interface, a MetaProxyProperty is related to the corresponding MetaProxy. Among a minimum configuration similar to a MetaProperty, some important additional configuration must be done on the Relation data between the MetaProxy and MetaProxyProperty (SYSREL METAPROXY PROPERTY).

Reference MetaProxyProperty

Also a Reference can be defined on a MetaProxyProperty. If the targeted type (as set on the Reference) is a MetaProxy object the MetaProxyProperty is defined as External Link Property.

If the target MetaProperty, as defined on the configuration of the MetaProxyProperty, is also a Guid property the target object of the referenced Proxy instance will be set as target value.

IC Attention.pngIndex and Multilanguage values are not supported before Version 2.3.3!
IC Attention.pngValue Validation for MetaProxyProperties is not supported.
IC Attention.pngMultilanguage is not supported for MetaProxyProperties, separate index values have to be used instead!

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