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The functionality of UBIK® is tied to a valid license. The most obvious point where the license is checked is at the startup of UBIK® Studio, where the user will be prompted to activate the product in order to continue working with the software. If this process is cancelled, UBIK® Studio will fail to start and prompt again at the next attempt.


Each installation of UBIK® needs to be activated once, where the activation requires an established connection to the internet.

The activation is done with the Serial Key that ships with your copy of UBIK®. If the serial was successfully validated, your computer will download a tamper-proof licensing file and store it on your hard disk, so that future starting procedures will not require an internet connection anymore.

IC Attention.pngLicenses can be issued with limited lifetime (i.e. demos, etc.) and therefore expire at a certain point in time. In this case you need to ask for a new serial and reactivate your installation

Offline activation

If you can't establish an internet connection from the computer you attempt to install UBIK® on, please follow the steps of the offline activation procedure:

  1. Extract the archive IC FileLink Download.png LicensingClient.zip and run the application UBIK.Licensing.Client.exe on the target machine as Administrator
  2. Ask your sales person for the Factor XML of the license you're trying to activate (e.g. UBIK Server), you will be provided with an XML Snippet that needs to be entered or copied in respective field.
    XML Snippet for license UBIK Server:
  3. Ask your sales person for the Password of the license you're trying to activate (e.g. UBIK Server) and enter or copy it into the respective field
  4. Hit the link Export Unvalidated Surety
  5. Copy or enter your license key in the text box that opens
  6. Select a destination folder and name for the generated file, e.g. C:\UBIKServer.xml
  7. Send this file to your sales person
  8. You will get another file back, e.g. ValidatedUBIKServer.xml
  9. Hit the link Import and Validate Surety in the application and select the file you received
  10. Rename the resulting file to LocalUBIKLicense.xml and copy it to C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData