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Find Objects by Optical Codes

Finding objects via a Barcode or QR-Code on the UBIK® Client implies that a recommended application is installed on the device. Additionally the objects and the system needs to be prepared as described by these instructions. This guide describes how to use the features on the client.

Start a scanner

  1. Press one of the optical code scanning buttons in the top bar or in the start screen.
  2. Select the optical code type on the left side
    Opical Scan.PNG

IC Attention.pngFrom version 2.4.3 on, the context sensitive action bar doesn't contain the scanning buttons anymore. Instead, the scanning menu can be found in the navigation drawer (to be opened by clicking on the app's icon).
IC Attention.pngFrom version 2.4.4 on, the Getac Z710's integrated barcode/qr-code scanner is used if available. In the default configuration, it makes a very loud beeping sound though. You might want to switch that off in the Getac's settings (not in the UBIK settings - this is outside our control).

Scan an optical code

  1. Position the device in a way that the optical code is visible and stable in the camera view;
  2. Wait until the optical code is recognized by the scanner.
    ID Marker Recognized

Wait for the search to finish

  1. Once the scan is finished, wait until the scanner is closed and an empty browser shows up;
  2. Depending on the network connection and the UBIK® sync mode, different ways of searching will be applied;
  3. During the search, the list might show a searching text before any objects are found;
    Searching for Objects
  4. If any objects are found, they will be added to the list.
    Displaying Objects

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