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Customize Logo and Background on Mobile Client

Template background landscape
Template background portrait

It is possible to customize logo and background images for UBIK® Android.


In order to configure images, place the required files under the UI Configurations folder.

File requirements

The following files can be used:

Parameter Purpose Recommended Resolution (px)
bg_landscape.png background for landscape mode 1000x447
bg_portrait.png background for portrait mode 600x871
icon.png logo to display in the ActionBar 48x48
IC Hint square.pngThe resolution values are for a device with a 1000x600 pixels screen like the Getac Z710; the values may vary for other devices with different screen resolutions

The customization can be achieved through the following steps:

  1. Launch any file browser application;
  2. Choose image files to be used as logo and/or background, rename them according to the default naming;
  3. Navigate to the predefined directory, create it if not found;
  4. Place the renamed files under the selected directory, replace the old files with the same names if exist.

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